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Photography / Video Surveillance

What are photography and video surveillance?

Photography and video surveillance are two types of surveillance that use images in order to monitor activities and gather evidence.

Video surveillance utilizes video cameras to capture footage while photography surveillance captures still images. Both document a person’s activities, whereabouts, and abilities and are vital to investigations of all kinds.

When are photo and video surveillance used?

Due to their reliability, photo and video surveillance are used by private investigators in a plethora of investigations, including:

Why use photography or video surveillance?

There are a variety of reasons why a person might need this kind of surveillance, ranging from domestic disputes to criminal activity. Ultimately, it is a way to obtain concrete, reliable proof of wrongdoing. However, if photographs and videos are gathered as evidence, they need to be gathered in a legal manner. Most times, it’s not as simple as setting up a camera in your backyard. A private investigator will be aware of surveillance laws and will get you evidence that will stand up in a court process.

What types of video and photography surveillance are available?

There are many types of surveillance to suit your particular needs:

  • Home security video surveillance. This type of video surveillance monitors your home while you’re away. You can rely on security surveillance or get special nanny cams to ensure those you allow into your home are reliable.
  • Property video or photography surveillance. Business, boat, and land surveillance ensures that your investments stay safe. This type of surveillance also gathers evidence of fraud, employee dishonesty, and other problems that affect your assets and business.
  • Targeted video or photography surveillance. For this type of surveillance, an investigator will use cameras or other imaging equipment to record a specific person or event. This type of surveillance is often used in cheating spouse investigations, employee investigations, criminal investigations, and mystery shopping. Typically, this type of video or photo surveillance must be performed by an investigator who is trained in current privacy laws in order to be considered legal.

What kind of video or photography technology is used for surveillance?

There are a variety of surveillance technologies private investigators take advantage of during their investigations:

  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are popular because of their reliability and low price. These cameras do not broadcast images but record them while you’re away. These cameras are used in many homes and public spaces for security.
  • Digital video cameras are becoming more popular since they capture quality images and sound. They can be used to monitor events remotely and images can be saved onto a computer and enhanced if necessary.
  • Cameras and on-person equipment includes still cameras and concealed audio-visual devices. This type of surveillance is often used for targeted surveillance and criminal investigations where there is a clear suspect. These cameras can be flexible but must be operated by a qualified private investigator to be admissible in court.
  • Board cameras are tiny devices that can be concealed and often have an external power source. The images from these cameras are often transmitted to a computer or other imaging device so that it can be viewed remotely.

Looking for a video / photography surveillance investigator?

Your unique needs and budget determine the type of photography or video surveillance you use. Often, it is advisable to speak to a private investigator who can help you with your surveillance and ensure any images you gather are legal. You can easily find local, qualified investigators experienced in video or photography surveillance through the directory.

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