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Executive Protection

What is executive protection?

Executive protection is the use of security professionals, such as bodyguards, to protect an individual with elevated risk due to employment, status, associations, or wealth.

Executive protection can also include protection of company property, assets, and even an individual’s family if there is a threat of extortion.

Why hire executive protection agents?

Who Uses Executive Protection?

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • CEOs
  • Celebrities
  • Government officials

There are a variety of situations that call for executive protection. For example, a corporation, CEO, or company VIP may desire protection after letting a particularly disgruntled employee go. Another individual may hire an executive protection agent during a child or domestic abuse investigation to escort them to and from court appearances. Ultimately, a person will hire an executive protection specialist for instances where threat assessment and protection may be beyond what local law enforcement can offer.

What should I look for in executive protection professionals?

In most states, executive protection experts or bodyguards need a private investigator’s license. However, you should also look for agents who have the skills you need for your unique case. If you are looking for security in a high-risk area, look for agents with military and weapons experience. If you are looking for someone to protect your property and company systems, look for agents with computer knowledge. It’s also important to find an agent you feel comfortable with. Just because a person wears dark glasses and looks intimidating doesn’t mean he’s the best protection professional. Find someone who has good judgment and varied experience.

What does it look like when executive protection fails?

A successful executive protection professional will often be bored. If an executive protection professional has prepared properly, their time actually guarding their subject will be uneventful. Their job involves predicting a lot of details, from the weather to crowd movement or traffic. However, a reliable agent will have a plan in place and will also be capable of adapting if that plan goes awry for any reason. There will always be examples of executive protection failures, like Bill Gates getting pied or the White House jumper. These lapses in security are often caused by miscommunication and complacency, but a properly trained, experienced professional will ensure that you are secure and out of the news.

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