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Executive Protection

What Are Executive Protection And Security Services?

Executive protection services make use of security professionals such as bodyguards, EP agents, or specialists to protect the welfare and safety of an individual. Executive protection can also extend from physical protection of an individual to protection of a companys property or assets. In some cases, professionals are also assigned to help protect an individual's family.

Why Do People Hire Executive Protection Agents?

Who Uses Executive Protection?

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • CEOs
  • Celebrities
  • Government officials

People hire executive protection agents to keep their property, their families, and themselves safe. For example, a corporation, CEO, or company VIP may desire additional protection after letting an employee go. An everyday individual may hire an executive protection agent for the duration of a child abuse or domestic abuse investigation or to be escorted to and from court appearances. A person will genereally hire an executive protection specialist in an instance where a threat assessment and protection may be needed beyond what local law enforcement can offer.

What Is Involved In Executive Protection Services?

The first step is to contact the specialist to conduct a threat assessment and determine the risks and level of protection needed. In some cases the person will hire the EP agent for 24 hour protection, while in other instances the person may only require protection for a short time such as during a court appearance. The agent will provide non-invasive and non-confrontational avoidance, which means that their primary concern will be to prevent an incident and identify safety risks. If the person feels threatened, the agent will step in to defend the person and seek help from law enforcement.

What Should I Look For In Executive Protection Professionals?

In most states, executive protection experts or bodyguards need a private investigator's license. However, you should also look for agents who have the skills you need. For example, if you are looking for security in a high-risk area away from home look for agents with military and weapons experience. If you are looking for someone to protect you and your property and company systems, look for agents with computer knowledge. It's important to find an investigator that you feel comfortable with.

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