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Executive Protection is About More than Executives

  • December 17, 2007
  • by PInow Staff

When the average person hears the term "executive protection" they may imagine bodyguards for CEOs and top business people. While security for executives is an important part of executive protection services - especially today, when CEOs and other company members travel overseas, sometimes to less-than-safe destinations for business trips - executive protection is not always just about personal safety.

In fact, the top executive protection companies and services are expanding to offer a range of business services, including:

  • Security for cargo. Shipments of cargo easily can get lost, mislaid, delayed, or otherwise harmed while in transit. When a very important shipment must make it to its destination safely, it can be more cost-effective to hire executive protection services rather than risk losing the shipment. Trained security personnel can accompany the shipment from its original destination to its final destination, ensuring that the shipment is properly handled, stored, shipped correctly and delivered as promised. In an age where even simple packages can be handled by a dozen people or more, this sort of protection offers great peace of mind to executives and company owners.

  • Overseas security. As many companies go overseas to save money and expand their customer bases, overseas security has become big business. Offering bodyguard and personal protection to executives overseas is still part of the equation, but so is protecting against fraud and safeguarding company assets and property abroad. Security personnel often are trained in various languages so that they can investigate any signs of wrongdoing and can protect against any actions against a company's image, trademark or assets.

  • Threat assessment. Most companies are unaware of the risks their assets and employees can face. Therefore, many executive protection companies offer risk audits or threat assessments that can help companies evaluate worst-case scenarios, weak points in current security systems and where threats might come from in the future. This can be invaluable to help a company evaluate action to take to prevent security meltdowns.

  • Deterrents or responses.  If a security problem does occur, executive protection services often can move in and respond while the problem is relatively small to prevent a larger tragedy. For example, if someone makes threats against a company or its founder, verbal threats often are not enough to get the police involved. However, trained executive protection professionals can respond, stepping up security and even using surveillance to ensure that someone making threats is not making plans to cause serious harm.

  • Emergency plans. Executive protection companies often will work with companies to develop worst-case-scenario plans. These can include adding panic rooms and covert alarm signals to companies to help team members react appropriately and safely to a threat. It can include emergency drills, as well as the development of escape routes.

Many executive protection companies are becoming full-service firms, offering services that allow companies to define, evaluate, and respond to threats. Both domestically and internationally, businesses can rely on these services not only to keep executives and employees safe but also to keep company property secure. To locate an executive protection firm in your area, visit

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