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Why bodyguards are not just for celebrities anymore

  • June 28, 2006
  • by PInow Staff

In the past, entertainment magazines and tabloids often printed pictures of tiny celebrities surrounded by tough-looking bodyguards. This, coupled with the way bodyguards were featured in movies, led many people to believe that bodyguards and protectors were something reserved for famous people and presidents. These professionals were often referred to as "goons" or "secret service agents." If this is your view, too, it's time to rethink the stereotypes. The truth is, today's bodyguards do a lot more than just protecting celebrities. A growing number of executives and even everyday people are choosing to hire executive protection and security agents, as they are now known. These professionals have extensive training and are most likely licensed in the state where they work.

Why hire a bodyguard?

Executives are hiring security professionals including bodyguards increasingly often, mostly because a number of high-profile attacks on employees and their families have shown that some workers are in peril simply because of the work they do. High-level executives in financial, energy, and pharmaceutical industries have been shown to be especially at risk, especially when they are stationed overseas in high-risk areas. These employees may become the target of threats and even bodily harm by terrorists and by criminals who use the workers to commit crimes or to make political statements. The situation has gotten so serious that some companies are offering security packages and bodyguard services to their top executives as a matter of course.
For individuals, too, bodyguards are becoming more common. Sadly, our world is not always safe and with our increasing awareness of crime comes an increasing awareness of risks. Domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, and threats can all lead to risky situations that require some form of protection. A bodyguard can reduce the risk of crime and can offer peace of mind and mobility as well.

Should you hire one?

If you are considering hiring a security agent or bodyguard service, ask yourself:

  • Have threats been made against me? Is there something high-risk about my situation? It is not always easy to tell whether you are safe or not, but if you have reason to believe that someone wishes you harm and may act on that, bodyguard protection may be a good idea.

  • Am I avoiding social activities or events because I fear for my personal safety? A bodyguard may provide the sense of security you need to live a full, normal life. No one should be so afraid that they hide out at home.

  • Am I worried about my children or loved ones? There is no feeling worse than worry about your family and friends. If you think they are at risk, security may be the best gift you can give those you care about.

  • Am I figure of known wealth or am I otherwise known in my community? You do not have to be world-famous to be at risk. If you have just won a large sum in a lottery or been involved in a notorious court case or event, you may be at risk.

  • Am I preoccupied with safety? If you feel trapped by your situation, a bodyguard service can provide you with the assurance you need to face your life with confidence.

  • Have I had a threat assessment run? If you are still not sure whether a bodyguard is a right move, consider hiring a private investigator to assess the risks made to your safety. A professional investigator can offer a professional view of your situation and can run a risk audit to help you make the right choice. They can even inform you about all your options when it comes to personal safety.

When its time to make a choice

If you have decided that bodyguard services are for you, you need to research and find the right executive protection or bodyguard services for you. That means finding local qualified professionals and interviewing them to find the best match. You can easily find the right local professionals in your area with the Investigator Directory. Fully searchable by location and investigation type, offers you plenty of information and up-to-date listings of local private investigators who can help keep you and your family safer.

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