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Forensic Investigation

What Is A Forensic Investigation?

Forensic investigators are not just for police departments.

The word forensic simply means applying scientific applications or techniques to investigate a crime. When most of us think of forensic investigation, we think of CSI and laboratories; however, there are actually a number of different techniques for forensic investigation.

Forensic Accounting / Auditing

If you have been the victim of fraud or a financial crime, a forensic accounting investigation can find the criminals responsible and can halt further loss. Forensic accounting, also known as financial investigation, uses intelligence-gathering techniques, accounting, business, and communication skills to provide information and evidence that can be used by attorneys involved in criminal and civil investigations.

Forensic accounting services can include:

  • Searching for hidden assets
  • Calculating lost wages
  • Tracing misappropriated funds
  • Performing fraud investigations

Forensic Computer or Cyber Forensics Investigations

Did You Know . . .

Forensic Computer Investigation

Forensic Computer Investigations can uncover deleted emails and data.

Computer investigations are similair to electronic discovery; these forensic investigations recover data from computers and computer equipment in order to solve a crime or find evidence of misdeeds. Some common situations where computer forensics are utilized are divorce and other family matters, wrongful termination, employee internet abuse, unauthorized disclosure of corporate information, and other illegal internet activity. Forensic computer investigations can turn up information from cell phones and hard drives; such as deleted and hidden data, emails (even deleted emails), websites visited, and files downloaded or transferred.

Crime Scene Forensic Investigations

Crime scene investigations gather fingerprints, blood, bodily fluids, and other evidence found at the crime scene in order to solve a crime or even determine whether a crime has taken place. Investigating a crime scene can be a very long, tedious process that should be completed by a trained professional with excellent attention to detail. It not only encompasses collection of evidence, but also the necessary analysis to ensure that the evidence is credible and relevant. There are a wide range of crime scene forensic investigators from ballistics experts, who study the trajectory path of ammunition and match it to potential firearms, to odontologists, who specialize in teeth and bite-mark evidence to identify missing persons or victims of mass disaster or homicide.

Do I Really Need a Forensic Investigator?

Thousands of Americans each year find that they do. Sadly, crime affects almost every American family sooner or later. Computer crimes alone have risen dramatically in recent years. If you have been accused of a crime, careful investigation by a forensic investigator may be the only way for you to get the strong evidence you need to clear your name. If you have been the victim of a crime, a forensic investigator can get you the evidence you need to take the matter to court. Worried your spouse is cheating? Forensics investigations can find information from email, instant messages, voicemails and chat sessions left behind on computers.

Companies and employers often turn to forensic investigation. Foresic investigations can uncover information from your computer systems that may resolve sexual harrassment issues, lawsuits from disgruntled ex-employees, internet abuse by employees, or stolen customer information or intellectual property issues.

While it is true that almost all police forces have forensic investigators on staff, many people find that hiring their own investigator gets the best results. Hiring your own investigator ensures that the investigation will be legal and thorough after all, your investigator works for you while an investigator hired by the police force may weigh dozens of cases equally with yours. When you decide to hire a professional, you can continue the investigation for as long as you wish, which increases the odds that you will get the answers you seek.

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