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Computer Forensics and Cellular Forensics / Cyber Crime Investigations

What Is A Computer Forensics Investigation?

Computer and cellular forensics investigations are used in a variety of cases both criminal and civil. Though often considered similar investigations, the two types of devices are different in how they function, the techniques and technologies used to examine them, and the laws surrounding each investigation. Trained forensic investigators can use a number of techniques to thoroughly analyze a computer or cell phone to resolve an issue, and it's important to hire an investigator with the right experience.

Computer Forensics vs. Cellular Forensics

Though they may seem similar, computer forensics and cellular forensics are different in the tools that are used to analyze them, the technology and operating systems that are run on the devices, and the laws that apply to extracting data from them. Any type of criminal case may utilize computer and cellular forensics as evidence, including drug dealing cases, theft of intellectual property or trade secrets, stock manipulation or corporate value cases, possession of child pornography, and capital murder cases. While a computer is essentially a storage container for data, cell phones differ by make and model including what type of data they contain and how it is stored to what happens to deleted data or how GPS is monitored.

When you contact an investigator, be prepared with information on the make and model of the cell phone or computer, the owner or account holder, whether or not the device is password protected as well as whether or not you know the password. It's also important to explain what information you would like to collect or what you suspect has happened and how the data will be used.

What Is Cyber Crime and How Can An Investigator Help?

Crime committed through computers or the internet, also known as "cyber crime," is more prevalent today than ever before. As our lives become more wireless and everything takes to the cloud, computers have become a criminal's most powerful tool. Many of us have heard the words virus, spyware, malware, and hacking; but what does it really mean in our everyday life? Consider how much private information you submit, view, or save on your computer on a montly basis. Criminals can use hacks and codes to break into laptops, personal computers, corporate servers, and wireless devices. Hackers can steal anything from intellectual property from corporations to your personal information right off your computer at home (even if you think you have deleted it).

Some preventative measures a computer forensics investigator can start with are assess the computer's risk, develop a strong security policy, security measures training, technology implementation, and information tecnology infrastructure reconfiguration. If you believe your computer has already been comprimised, investigators can perform vulnerability assesments and penetration testing to determine the root of the problem. These tests allow investigators to detect and fix any weaknesses in your computer system. Investigators can also suggest countermeasures you can take to protect your system in the future.

Do You Need A Computer or Cellular Forensics Investigator?

Unfortunately, as more people are affected by cybercrime and technology plays a larger role in criminal and civil matters, you may need one of the following investigators:

  • Computer forensics investigation: A computer forensics investigator will recover data from a computer. If you require evidence of activity on your computer, a qualified computer forensics investigator can get you the proof you need. Computer forensic investigators even have the ability to resurface hidden or deleted data and emails.
  • Cellular forensics investigator: Depending on the make and model of a cell phone, a cellular forensics investigator will recover data, text messages, photographs, GPS and other information from a cell phone. They may have the ability to access deleted or hidden information from the device.
  • Computer security investigation: If your computer has been attacked by a virtual criminal or has been compromised by an employee or family member, a computer investigator can find out the source of the attack and exactly what has been done to your computer. Through a computer security investigation you will discover whether or not your computer has been used to perpetrate a crime and find out how to prevent future attacks on your system.
  • Computer crime investigation: If your system has been used to perpetrate a cyber crime, you may be held liable. A computer crime investigator can find out exactly what type of crime your computer was used to perpetrate, and can help you find the evidence you need to defend yourself in court.

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