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Cellular and Computer Forensics / Cyber Crime Investigation

What is a computer forensics investigation?

Cellular and computer forensics investigations are the collection and analysis of digital data by trained forensic investigators in order to solve a crime or resolve an issue.

Computer Forensics vs. Cell Phone Forensics

Though often considered similar investigations, the two types of devices are different in how they function, the techniques and technologies used to examine them, and the laws surrounding each investigation. While a computer is essentially a storage container for data, cell phones differ drastically by make and model. The type of phone determines what type of data the phone contains, how that data is stored, what happens to deleted data, and how the GPS is monitored.

What is cyber crime and how can an investigator help?

Cyberc rime is any unlawful act committed through the internet. Criminals can use hacks and codes to break into laptops, personal computers, corporate servers, and wireless devices. They can steal anything from intellectual property from corporations to personal information from individuals.

An investigator will assess your computer’s risk, develop a strong security policy, train you on security measures, implement technology, and reconfigure information technology infrastructure. If you believe your computer has already been compromised, investigators can perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to determine the root of the problem. This allows them to detect and fix any weaknesses in your computer system. They can also suggest countermeasures you can take to protect your system in the future.

Do you need a cell phone or computer forensics investigator?

Sometimes cybercrime and hacking can be obvious, but often times a criminal’s methods are more subtle. You need the help of a trained investigator if:


  • Unexpected software installs on your computer
  • Your mouse moves by itself and actually shows purpose
  • Your antimalware software, task manager, or registry editor is disabled
  • Standard programs or files won’t open or function properly
  • Files you haven’t touched have been deleted or moved
  • Your passwords have been changed without your consent
  • Money is missing from your bank account or you get bill or calls about purchases you haven’t made

Cell Phone

  • Your battery is dying faster than usual and takes longer to charge
  • Your phone is constantly warm when not charging or playing games
  • Strange noises or echoing occurs during phone calls
  • Your data usage skyrockets

Types of Cyber Crime Investigators

Depending on your particular investigation needs, you may look for help from one of a variety of investigators:

Computer forensics investigator: If you require evidence of activity on your computer, a computer forensics investigator can legally and accurately recover digital data. They also have the ability to resurface hidden or deleted data and emails.

Cell Phones forensics investigator: A cellular forensic investigator will understand the different types of phones and will use this information to recover data, text messages, photographs, GPS, and other information.

Computer security investigator: If your computer has been attacked by a criminal or compromised by an employee or family member, a computer security investigator can uncover the source of the attack and exactly what has been done to your computer. Through this investigation, you can discover whether your computer was used to perpetuate a crime and find out how to prevent future attacks.

Computer crime investigator: A computer crime investigator can make sure that, if your system is used in a crime, the blame doesn’t fall on you. They can find out exactly what kind of crime was committed and can gather evidence to be used in court.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Crime

  • Don’t click on unfamiliar links (antiviral messages, strange emails, etc.)
  • Don’t download unfamiliar software
  • Never give out personal information unless it’s a trusted source
  • Install a firewall
  • Perform software updates
  • Change and vary your passwords
  • Avoid public, open wi-fi
  • Keep important information off the cloud
  • Backup your data

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