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Cyber Security and The Protection Of Company Data

  • June 12, 2017
  • by Simon Parker
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Running a business operation today requires some knowledge, experience, and special expertise in a number of different areas. From the day that the business operation opens, there are essential security measures that will be needed to contribute to its overall success.

One of the most important things is the technology which the company needs to conduct a variety of its activities and tasks. Many of which will require employees and management, that work in on-site facilities, to keep private and sensitive information safe.

Private investigators should have a working knowledge of cyber security threats to best help identify and address issues that may appear in computer forensic or security investigations. Understanding these threats can help jumpstart investigations or provide mitigating tools for investigators working with companies in need of cyber security.

In addition to the staff learning what it takes to guard sensitive data, it essential that each organization has a security plan in place. These plans will involve the use of cyber security strategies that secure the company’s data and networks.

Cyber Security Newsletter

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is defined as the protection of data, systems, and networks which are within a cyberspace. With rapid developments in technology, more threats are being formed, and thereby cybercrime is becoming more of a critical problem for all businesses.

There are two types of cyber attacks which an organization could face. The first attack they could face is being deliberately attacked. This involves the company having valuable data which attackers would find attractive to hack into. The second attack the organization could face is the attack from opportunists. This is because an automated scan will detect the existence of exploitable vulnerabilities of a business, and most businesses will have these exploitable vulnerabilities.

With that being said, here are ways that an organization can protect itself from intruders that want to gain unauthorized access to the data and systems that the business owns.

The Protection Of Data And Network For Organizations

Educate Employees on the Importance of the Company’s Cyber Security Rules and Guidelines

Many companies have a lot of simple and complex systems that their employees use on a regular basis. Because many of these systems store personal and confidential business information, they must be protected from malware, viruses, and hackers that want to access and expose the company to unnecessary problems.

A huge part of the cyber security process is establishing the company’s guidelines and regulations that everyone should follow. Once these guidelines have been put in place, the next step is to ensure that everyone in the company is educated about their role in the company’s security policies.

For instance, when the employee is provided with a user ID and password to access the business’s databases that they use for their job duties and responsibilities, the information cannot be shared with other employees or anyone outside of the organization. If an employee were to do such a thing, it would be seen as a violation that may call for possible disciplinary measures, including termination.

With that in mind, everyone should know exactly what they need to do to ensure a cyber safe environment is kept at all times.

Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Hacker Tactics

Staying up to date with the latest information on hackers and their tactics is imperative to a cyber security plan. This is because the tactics used can be very innovative as times passes and computer analysts and other network specialists devise methods to protect their data.

To get around the added levels of security that many of these top companies and corporations use, hackers can also become very inventive in getting thru firewalls and the like to obtain the info that they want. So, one of the best ways to stay on top of things is to stay up to date with the latest hacker techniques and strategies in the industry. A lot of this information can be found online, particularly on sites that specialize in this part of the industry and what business owners can do protect their computer systems and networks.

CCTV Systems

Several businesses today use closed-circuit television, otherwise known as CCTV systems, to protect and record 24/7 footage of their building premises. To some hackers, the CCTV footage which businesses capture with their surveillance may be redeemed useful.

For decades, CCTV systems have deployed with great success in preventing criminal activity, catching people in the act of breaking and entering. However, nowadays the tables can be turned on the organizations which operate the systems as people can break and enter into these networks. Some people might feel the need to get hold of this footage to use for their purpose. This could involve destroying footage which is seen as evidence for an act they have played a part in.

Because of this, the access to and the disclosure of CCTV footage to third parties should be restricted and controlled to ensure that the rights of individual people are protected. Access to the images must be confined with the data protection principles.

Keeping a company free from security exposure may not always be as simple as some people may envision. Since there are hackers and intruders that target a company’s data, there are measures that need to be in place at all times. Starting with developing and launching policies and guidelines that protect the company’s computer databases and networks, educating the staff by relaying all of the policies and procedures that apply and the role that they will need to play, and then making sure the appropriate principles are followed for an organization's CCTV system. This should all play a big part in the protection of an organization’s confidential data and how investigators start researching and implementing cyber security protections.

This article was written by Simon Parker. Simon Parker has over 70 years of shared experience with Minerva Security, dealing with commercial business security and fire alarm systems.

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