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What are public records searches?

The government creates public documents to record significant events in an individual’s life. These events could include marriage, a court judgment, a home purchase, and military service. When investigating a company or an individual, consulting these records can be the best way to outline someone’s background.

What kind of records can I access via a public records search?

Common public records searches include:

  • Driving records
  • Credit records
  • Property records
  • Court records
  • Records relating to bankruptcies and judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Prison records
  • Records that list assets
  • Financial records
  • Marriage records

Depending on the case, documents relating to employment, military service, and name changes can also be searched. Qualified private investigators can search records listed under aliases and international records.

What can public records searches do for me?

Individuals may want to prove their spouse is unfaithful. Managers may have business concerns and want to check an employee’s background. An individual may decide to conduct a search for their birth parents.

Public records searches are an important part of criminal background checks, background checks, and private investigations. They can reveal a person’s past and confirm their identity. Perhaps more importantly, they can expose what individuals try to hide.

Why hire a private investigator to do a records search?

A private investigator can be hired for many reasons. Whether you are an individual, law firm, or corporation, a private investigator will know the best way to collect information and obtain original records. They use records searches in nearly all investigations types and will be able to quickly and efficiently gather information.

Individuals may want to find out if a spouse is unfaithful, they may have private business concerns and want to check an employee’s background, or they may be an individual looking for their birth parents.

These searches are also key in pre-employment screenings and criminal investigations. Anytime you need to know about someone’s background, public records are a good way to get reliable information. They can even be used to research genealogy and family history.

Why hire a private investigator to conduct a records search?

Whether you are an individual, law firm, or corporation, a private investigator will know the best way to collect information and obtain original records. Records searches are used in nearly all investigation types since they are capable of quickly and efficiently gathering information.

Can I just use free records searches online?

While these options are tempting, there are plenty of reasons to avoid them:

  • Many of these companies rely on outdated or incomplete information, which means the documents you receive may not hold actual value.
  • Some of these companies charge hidden fees or have poor privacy policies, meaning you could still end up paying for faulty documents while your own information is exposed.
  • These companies sometimes use less than professional methods for gathering information. Not only would these records not stand up in court but you could get in trouble for taking advantage of questionable investigation tactics.

Do I need original records?

Whether you are using it for a written research report or as evidence in litigation, the best evidence is the original document. A certified copy of a document is less likely to be challenged.

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