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Why a bail enforcement agent can keep your entire family safe from criminals.

The very idea of a bounty hunter may call to mind the Wild West, where shiftless strangers drifted into dusty towns to round up bad guys. In reality, a bail enforcement agent or a fugitive recovery agent is someone who brings back those who skip bond or bail and fail to show up for court hearings. Obviously, fugitive recovery agents are crucial, since they help the public in tracing criminals and ensuring that those criminals are no longer on the streets.

Why do you need a bail enforcement agent?

Surprisingly, bail enforcement is not the sole dominion of law enforcement officers and the courts. There are good reasons why the average person needs to be able to contact a good bail enforcement agent at any time:

  • A loved one leaves before a bail hearing. Unfortunately, juvenile delinquency, gang affiliation, drug use, and other problems mean that most of us know someone who's been in court. If your child or a loved one panics and leaves before their court date, they become a fugitive. To prevent further legal problems, a fugitive recovery agent can help bring back your family member in time for their court case or trial.

  • A criminal threatening your family skips bond. If you've been the victim of fraud, theft, or any crime, you naturally want the person responsible to take full responsibility for their actions. A criminal who is a direct threat to your family or business may simply leave town or leave the state. When this occurs, law enforcement may not always be vigorous and tracking them down. Getting a fugitive recovery agent can help you determine exactly where the person is and can help ensure that justice is served.

How does bail enforcement work?

In the United States today, there are 4,000 known fugitive recovery agents, or bail enforcement specialists, as they are sometimes known. In most cases, fugitive recovery does not work through force but rather by outsmarting the fugitive. In many cases, bail enforcement is about learning a fugitive's actions, interviewing their relatives and acquaintances, and looking up the paperwork related to the fugitive. Often, research is what helps private investigators and agents get the facts they need to find someone. Sometimes, bounty hunters put ads with the word reward in the newspapers in order to track a fugitive. In most cases, however, a fugitive's own family and friends can be persuaded to give them up.

By law, certified bail enforcement agents can use a number of techniques for fugitive recovery. Unlike police, bail enforcement professionals are not limited by warrants and probable cause. They may pursue fugitives outside the state or wherever they think they may be hiding. They're allowed to break into a home where they believe there may be fugitives in hiding. This can make a fugitive recovery professional more effective than the police in tracking down a fugitive.

Sometimes, investigators must use surveillance to find a fugitive. They may also have to run background checks or impersonation in order to get close enough to the fugitive to verify their identity. Once fugitives are caught, fugitive recovery does not end until the fugitive recovery agent has delivered the criminal to the courts.

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