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Tracking Down Emotional Affairs

  • January 04, 2007
  • by PInow Staff

Emotional affairs often involve deep friendship and intimacy as well as sexuality, which can lead to real problems if they cause another relationship to form. Tracing and proving this sort of infidelity can be extremely difficult, however.

Emotional affairs are a type of infidelity that usually does not begin with physical intimacy or sex. In fact, by definition, this type of cheating begins with the emotions. Many people assume that cheating must involve physical intimacy, but this type of infidelity can also lead to broken relationships.

What is emotional cheating?

This sort of cheating is often characterized by:

  • Deception and secrecy. Those involved may not tell their partners about the amount of time they spend with each other. An individual involved in this type of affair, for example, may tell his or her spouse that they are staying late at work when they are really meeting with someone else. Even if no physical intimacy occurs, the deception does undermine existing relationships and clearly shows that those involved think they are doing something wrong. In other words, if there was really no harm in meeting with a friend, both parties would feel comfortable telling their partners the truth about where they are meeting and what they are discussing.

  • Inappropriate emotional intimacy. The partner being unfaithful may spend excessive time with someone of the opposite sex time that is not being spent with an actual partner. He or she may confide more in their new friend than in their partner and may share more intimate emotional feelings and secrets with their new partner than with their existing spouse. Any time that an individual invests more emotionally invested in a relationship with someone besides their partner, an existing partnership may suffer.

  • Sexual chemistry. Emotional affairs may not lead to physical intimacy, but some do. In most of these affairs, however, an unspoken attraction exists. A partner may spend extra time getting ready to see this new partner or may buy new clothing or change their appearance in order to seem attractive to this new person.

Are emotional affairs a real problem?

Emotional affairs can be as destructive to marriages and partnerships as sexual ones. They create real feelings of betrayal and anger. Whenever a partner is rushing off to meet a new friend rather than working on a current relationship, the existing relationship will suffer. Plus, the existing partner will feel extremely hurt if a spouse runs off to share exciting news or problems with someone else. An intimate relationship is where a person usually shares their desires, fears, and victories. When one partner starts sharing these details with someone else first, the relationship starts breaking down.

The problem with emotional affairs

This sort of cheating is very difficult to pin down. Many individuals defend such infidelity simply as friendship. There is often little physical evidence no clearly sexual notes or emails. In many cases, it takes a professional to uncover deception is taking place. A private investigator can gather evidence of lying and can use surveillance to find out how far an affair has gone. It is simple to find this type of professional through the Worldwide Directory of Private Investigators. Plus, the Worldwide Directory of Private Investigators even offers free infidelity resources that offer real answers.

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