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At, our sole focus is to connect those who are in need of an investigator with experienced, qualified investigative professionals. Below are a few testimonials from investigators who advertise on

Since I have used PInow, it is very apparent that my website is working! I receive about 70% more calls than I did with the last host and most of those clients tell me they googled certain words (usually regarding background checks) and my company was the first that came up. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Steve Davis
Davis & Associates Professional Background Services
Denver, CO

Thank you and your sister site In today's economy, everyone seems to be watching their return-on-investment where advertising is concerned. I pick up several new clients per month because of my association with your website. It's a no-brainer – more than covers the expense. I was equally impressed when I received two referrals from simply because I had inquired about their website. Needless to say, I've subscribed to their service too. Thanks for the great support!

Ric Cawood
Kentucky Special Investigations Unit
London, KY

I've been with and for over a year. I've notice a big difference in the number of private cases I'm getting -- they have at least doubled. I'm actually going to be increasing my advertising with the bad economy it makes sense.

David McGrath
McGrath Investigative Services
Seabrook, NH

In just a few short months of advertising with I have already experienced a great response. My advertising has enabled me to receive cases from clients in my local market as well as from other states. Online marketing with has really produced a great return for my business!

Dax Ramos
Eagle Eye Investigator
N Las Vegas, NV

When I ask people how they found me, they are always saying ' and' Probably half of my calls come from

Dave Stark
Aspen Country Surveillance
Glenwood Springs, CO

It is rare that an advertising medium exceeds expectations for the money invested. In fact, they rarely even achieve expectations. I am delighted to say that within two weeks after joining, I doubled my investment in assignments received. And within one month, I nearly quadrupled my annual investment! I cannot say enough about the good quality service I received from the team. Who would have thought that I'd receive assignments from other states, much less from New Zealand? Sure beats Yellow Pages advertising by a ton! Thanks!

Tom Herder
Tom Herder Investigative Services, LLC
Maple Grove, MN

The volume of calls and emails I receive as a result from and far surpass all of my other advertising campaigns combined.

Gary Beard
Professional Legal Resource Group Inc.
Centreville, VA

Advertising online with has been a great marketing decision for my company. Words cannot express my appreciation. I have received a lot of cases already through the site and I just got another case yesterday!

Tracy Ambrose
Tracy Ambrose Investigations
Choudrant, LA

My advertising with has been a great way for me to grow my business. I am receiving a lot of out of state calls from clients and I have had to add investigators to keep up with the demand! I look forward to a lifelong relationship with

Jeffrey Smith
Armfield Investigations
Yukon, OK

Of all the directories I've tried, yours is by far the most profound.

Bill Leighton
Apex Investigative Services, Inc.
Glen Burnie, MD

A few months ago posted a request for proposal for Post Sex Offender Testing for Orange County Probation before the bid went public. My partner Jo Ellen and I got right on it and were able to put togeather a good bid submission. We were just awarded this 3 year contract and to begin Oct 1, 2008. Just wanted to say thanks for the advance heads up - it really paid off. Advertising with has allowed me to reach new clients that I would not have been able to get in touch with without your service.

James McInerny
EyeMac Investigations
Torrance, CA

Dollar for dollar and are the best advertising channels I have used.

Maurice Hicks
Global Investigative & Management Solutions
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for convincing me to try At first I was skeptical based upon previous advertising with other organizations which produced very little return., on the other hand, has been the #1 contributor to our success. We have had many calls and have picked up quite a few cases. It didn't take long for the advertising to pay for itself. Now every call I get is pure profit.

I'm not sure how you guys do it, but keep it up. It's working.

Stanley Graham
Riedel-Graham Investigations
Hayward, CA

I got my first case within 12 hours of being listed, then picked up a huge one just three weeks later and I continue to get business from all over the country. I'm very impressed with

Mike Walker
Walker Confidential
Cedar Ridge, CA

My very first inquiry through covered my subscription fee for 30 years!

Richard Murphy
FYI Investigations, LLC
Burlington, VT

I've had really great success with In fact, I've received more Bug Sweep (TSCM) cases in the five months since my listing went live than I did in the entire 16 years before that. has been fantastic for me...keep up the good work!

Michael Caswell
Accurate Information Service
Woonsocket, RI

Unlike the calls I get from other advertising sources, the ones I get through are of a much better quality - more than 50 percent of my calls turn into business. One large corporate client contact has resulted in four cases - so far. The most important thing to me is that the cases that come to me through PInow are NOT time-wasters!

Bill Robbins
Reliable Security & Investigations, L. L. C.
Ruckersville, VA is a great resource and I experienced the value immediately after joining.

Walter Lindsey
Professional Consulting and Investigations
Chattanooga, TN

We're extremely happy with It has much more than paid for itself - hand over fist! We've acquired work from all over the country - clients we would never have been able to reach without your service. Thank you so much!

Robert Murphy
Eye-Spy Research & Investigative Services
Jupiter, FL

I want to thank you for all the hard work you are doing at It's definitely paying off for my company. The other day one of your representatives called me with a referral and I told him that I wasn't sure I could help out. You guys are keeping me very busy!

Bob Lyons
Bob Lyons & Associates
Nashville, TN

For the first time since I have been on my own, my advertising is working. I am getting some quality cases and great leads from

With print advertisments and Yellow Pages, I could expect a 10% chance of a phone contact making it to the acitve case file. With, it is more like 75%!

Do you have any idea how many advertisers would like that rate of return?

William "Moose" Moseley
Chameleon Investigations
Phoenix, AZ

My phone has been ringing off the hook with new investigation business since I signed up Thanks so much!

Gordon D. Bowers
Atlantic Bureau of Investigations
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guys, I just want to let you know that your service is great. Whenever I have any questions or concerns, you're a phone call away and your staff is very accommodating, helpful and pleasant.

Additionally, advertising with has far surpassed the exposure that I get from spending money with the search engines. Keep up the great work.

James Swickle
J&K Investigative Services, Inc.
Somerville, NJ

Within the first week of being listed we picked up a client that paid for the whole year of advertising. We now receive at least 2 calls per week from and better than a third become paying clients. The service has paid for itself many times over.

I would recommend to any small or large investigation firm.

Michael Antonoff
Sydney R. Michael Investigations
Youngstown, OH

My advertising outperforms the Yellow Pages and rest of my advertising combined.

At least 85% of my business comes through, and at the rates I am paying provides an enormous return on very little investment. Over half of my calls are coming from law firms.

Every investigative firm should include as part of their marketing plan.

Thomas Oates
All State Investigations
Bullhead City, AZ

I have had great success with the team in the past through their process serving site, When I heard was launching, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this directory.

It's been a few short months and I am already seeing results.

Stephen P. Leoniy
24-7 Investigations, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ is quickly becoming my number 1 asset for case referrals and as a business partner. My listing has been up for less than 3 weeks and I have received a referral that has paid for the whole year of advertising.

But what is more impressive is the people behind They know our business and have our interest at heart. I have been in the PI profession for more then 17 years and nearly everyone who has contacted me for advertising knew nothing about the PI industry. This is what separates from the field. They know advertising and they know us.

Chuck McLaughlin
McLaughlin Investigative Group, Inc.
Andover, MA

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