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The Top 10 Gifts for Private Investigators in 2019

  • December 09, 2019
  • by PInow Staff
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Private Investigator Gifts

Private investigation is hard work. It takes its toll emotionally, physically, mentally, and it doesn’t always slow down during the holidays. So this Christmas, treat yourself or an investigator you love to the technology and tools that will make life easier for the busy investigator.

1. Subscription to your local state association

One of the best gifts you can get yourself is the support of a community. Joining your state association provides an easy way to network as well as access to events and classes tailored specifically for PIs in that area. Membership prices vary based on the association so check out your association’s website for more information.

2. An updated website

Nothing brings in business quite as well as a clean, easy-to-navigate website. At the same time, an outdated website can scare away potential clients. Make sure your website accurately reflects your professionalism and draws in jobs. If you need a place to start, PInow provides mobile-friendly sites designed specifically for private investigators.

3. Continuing education courses

No matter how many years you’ve been in the business, continuing education courses are the perfect way to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge of the law up-to-date. They can also help you learn specialized skills if you want to take your business to the next level. Courses also help with keeping your license and ensuring your practices are modern and effective.

4. Books

Investigation books are another reliable way to keep your mind sharp even after many years in the business. Whether they’re about surveillance tactics, fictional stories, a PI’s personal experience, or running your investigation business, books can entertain, inspire, and teach you more about the profession you love.

5. GPS trackers

As handy as they are when it comes to surveillance, make sure you know the laws in your state regarding GPS trackers before you invest in one. Once you’ve made sure it’s legal, using GPS trackers can be very advantageous to your investigations.

6. Camera

There’s a lot of tools you use as a private investigator but none are quite as important as a trustworthy camera. Whether you’re using it for a stakeout or to covertly capture evidence, there are a variety of cameras that are beneficial for investigators to have in their arsenal. Or if you already have a camera, maybe it’s time to invest in a nicer lens or bigger SD cards. With increasingly sophisticated camera technology, there’s always something that can improve your picture quality.

7. Body armor

Sometimes private investigation can put you in dangerous situations so invest in a gift that will keep you safe. There are different kinds of body armor, such as covert vs overt armor, so use this guide for PIs to find what you need. Even if all it does is give you a sense of safety, the peace-of-mind is worth it.

8. Online databases

There are a lot of online resources that anyone can access for free, but the most reliable resources are the ones you have to pay for. You may have tools that you already use, but having multiple sources can get you even more information so try out new databases such as Tracers or these niche online tools.

9. Binoculars

Quality binoculars are an essential part of not being seen while conducting surveillance since it allows for ample space between you and the subject. The magnifying capability of the binoculars will impact how expensive they are, just keep in mind that you’ll want a pair that enable you to identify subjects from far enough away so as not to be seen.

10. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Equipment

Uncover illegal surveillance devices or identify security weaknesses with ease by using detectors and other equipment built specifically for uncovering hidden bugs. Today’s counter-surveillance technology enables quicker and more efficient investigations so invest in the cutting-edge for your investigations.

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