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Top Investigator News of 2012

It's been a whirlwind year in private investigation news. We've compiled the popular stories from our in-the-news archives and social media groups to bring you the top stories, discussions, and resources that went live this year. Here are our picks for top investigator news of 2012:

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A private investigator becomes a major witness in a case against his client

A private investigator in the United Kingdom became an unlikely witness against his client, Bhupinder Dhesi. Dhesi had a history of domestic violence, and after his wife had filed an order banning him from contacting her or their children, he hired a private investigator to find them. Shortly after hiring the investigator, Dhesi began making strange requests. He asked the investigator to find witnesses that would be willing to provide false testimony in a mortgage fraud case that had been brought against him. Faced with a problem of ethics, the investigator asked Dhesi for the request in writing with the intention of forwarding it to police. Soon the local authorities began monitoring conversations between Dhesi and the private investigator, during which Dhesi asked him to make his mother-in-law, who had been housing his estranged family, "go away." He agreed to pay £12,000 for the deed. Dhesi was arrested and convicted of attempted murder, largely due to the investigator's role in informing and working with the local authorities. 
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Top News Stories

A private investigator helps save an aspiring NFL player's career

Brian Banks, a former Long Beach high school football star, served five years in prison for rape. Banks asked a private investigator to help him after his accuser sent him a Facebook message saying she wanted to "let bygones be bygones." The investigator, Freddie Parish, put together a plan to get the accuser to confess that she had fabricated the entire story. Parish believed Banks was innocent as Parish's son had played high school football with him. After wiring his office with hidden cameras and microphones, Parish had Banks invite the accuser, Wanetta Gibson to the office to talk about the past. During the conversation, Gibson admitted that the story wasn't true, and though she agreed to help clear Banks's name she said that she did not want to lose the $1.5 million settlement that her family had received from the Long Beach School District as a result of the alleged rape. Parish then interviewed Gibson to get verification that she was not raped or kidnapped. The rape conviction was overturned and Banks is now able to pursue his dream of playing professional football.
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A town defends its decision to hire an investigator to look into voter fraud

The Town of Quartzsite in Arizona decided to hire private investigators to find evidence of voter fraud in the election of Ed Foster, Mark Orgeron, and Pat Workman. The decision stirred some complaints, and Workman filed an official complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office with regards to checks written to investigators. He alleged that the payments, which he totaled at over $30,000, were not authorized. The Town issued a statement that the payments were valid
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*Note: According to the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI), the person hired for this investigation has officially been charged with violating the Private Investigation regulations and registration requirements by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. It is a class 1 misdemeanor violation. 

Fraudulent private investigators caught after two years on the run

A husband and wife team of private investigators have been apprehended in the Caribbean and will likely face charges that they defrauded business clients. Canadians Cullen Johnson and Elaine White worked as forensic accountants and private investigators when they allegedly faked and sold bank records which seemed to prove that someone has offshore money stowed away. In these cases, the couple could turn friends and spouses against each other using the faked information and this would lead to White and Johnson being asked to dig further into the cases. The couple fled Canada after pleading not guilty to the charges against them in 2009. Authorities in Canada hope to get the couple back to Canada to face charges.  They are currently being held in Turks and Caicos awaiting a hearing.
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