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Top Private Investigator Blogs

  • June 06, 2017
  • by PInow Staff

As a professional private investigator, it’s important to stay updated on the latest news and technology that could impact your business and the industry at large. It’s also just really fun to read stories and complain about how the media misrepresents private investigation (no, you generally don’t have a magnifying glass on hand). One of the best ways to do all of these things at once is to follow private investigation blogs. Keeping up with these blogs provides a platform through which you can read and share experiences, current events, and ask questions. Plus, private investigation can sometimes result in some funny stories that you don’t want to miss out on.

But we know you’re busy pounding the pavement or sitting in your car for hours on end, so we’ve compiled a list of the private investigation blogs that are most worth your time. While making the list we kept a couple things in mind, including:

  • Readability: Is the writing easy to read and interesting?
  • Ease of access: Is the website clean and easy to navigate?
  • Relevancy: Are the articles relevant and updated regularly?

Remember that, as smart as we are, we are not infallible so disagreement with our rankings is expected and even welcomed. But if you think we missed an important blog feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

1. Diligentia Group Blog

The Diligentia Group’s private investigator blog claims the number one spot because it has it all. It is informative and entertaining, which is sometimes a hard balance to accomplish. Brian Willingham writes with the perfect blend of snark and experience, and his genuine passion for what he does comes through loud and clear.

Top PI Blogs Diligentia

2. Pursuit Magazine

Ok, so technically this is a magazine, not a blog, but this just means you can trust what you’re reading because there’s a dedicated team behind it all. Pursuit Mag has a variety of relevant articles, advice, and interviews all in one place.

Top Private Investigation Blogs pursuitmag

3. Guns, Gams & Gumshoes 

This blog is a gem because it has withstood the test of time. Blogs tend to fade into oblivion after a couple years, but Shaun and Colleen Kaufman have kept up Guns, Gams, & Gumshoes since 2009.

Top Private Investigation Blogs Guns, Gams & Gumshoes

4. Denver Private Investigator's Blog 

What makes Denver Private Investigator’s Blog special is the author, Susanna Speier, who contributes to Pursuit Magazine and is a freelance journalist. Because of her writing chops, her articles are relevant and easy to read.

Top Investigation Blogs Denver PI

5. The Ethical Investigator 

Like Denver Private Investigator’s Blog, The Ethical Investigator is written by Philip Segal who also has journalism experience which means his writing is professional and current. His articles are also interesting because they explore the ethics behind investigation and managing a practice.

Top Investigation Blogs The Ethical Investigator

6. P.I. Advice

This blog stands out because it documents the real experiences of an experienced PI. Andrew also maintains a podcast and a video series for even more content about investigation.

Top Investigation Blogs PI Advice

7. Kevin's Security Scrapbook

Kevin, with his surveillance detection background, is the one to ask if you have questions about investigative technology. He also fills his blog with the latest trends and news, including articles about spyware and TSCM.

Top Investigation Blogs Kevin's Security Scrapbook

8. Private Eye Confidential

Mike Spencer is both a private investigator and an author who is out to set the record straight about private investigation. Through his stories, he reveals that PIs are a lot more than trench coats and magnifying glasses.

Top Investigation Blogs PI Confidential

9. Kusic and Kusic Blog 

This blog has been around for a while and posts a variety of content, including stories, current events, and helpful articles for both the novice and the pro.

Top Investigation Blogs Kusic and Kusic

Honorable Mentions:


Skipease: Your go-to for all things skip tracing.

The Background Investigator: An online magazine with a collection of articles about background and record checking.

Defrosting Cold Cases: Look no further for cold case postings and stories.

FRAUD Magazine: Another online magazine but this one revolves around fraud.

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