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Top Private Investigator Blogs

  • February 12, 2012
  • by PInow Staff

With changing legislation, licensing, laws and crazy stories there's a lot for investigators to keep up with. Many investigators use blogs to share their experiences, provide updates and reviews on products and to discuss experiences with databases. A blog is also a great way to market your business, connect with potential clients and become a leader in your industry. There's a wide array of investigations blogs out there, and since maintaining a blog is no easy feat PInow decided to compile a list of the top investigation blogs.

There was no specific, formulaic ranking used when creating the list, but we did take into account industry relevancy, consistency and recency of posts, variety of content and professionalism. Please keep this in mind if you disagree with the rankings.

There's a pretty big variety on the list this year. Some range from strictly informational to play-by-play recaps of investigations and interviews. Others focus on paranormal investigations while some discuss products and recent legal developments. If you have an investigation blog that's not featured, please contact us to be considered for our "Up and Coming" list. 

#1 PIbuzz

Edited by Tamara Thompson, PIbuzz discusses databases, geneology, records research and research links.

Top Investigation Blogs PIbuzz

#2 Diligentia Group Blog

Diligentia Group's blog covers topics like background checks, technology tips, case studies, internet searches and noteworthy lists.

Top Investigation Blogs Diligentia Group

#3 The Confidential Resource 

The Confidential Resource blog provides sources and methods for investigations and research. Topics include file handling, security and privacy settings, internet investigations, exercise, image searches and much more.

Top Investigation Blogs The Confidential Resource

#4 AFX Search Blog 

Thorough posts discuss electronically stored information, vehicle observation tips, hidden assets and internal theft.

Top Investigation Blogs AFX Search

#5 P.I. Stories 

The P.I. Stories blog covers news, stories, and private investigator interest. Recent posts discuss illegal affairs, private investigator employment growth, research for murder cases and financial infidelity.

Top Investigation Blogs PI Stories

#6 PI Telegraph

PI Telegraph is an online magazine for private investigation and professional security in the UK. Topics include technology and equipment, investigation methods, ethics and industry news.

Top Investigation Blogs PI Telegraph

#7 7 Day Detective

Focused on adultery, infidelity, affairs, cheating spouse and divorce investigations the 7 Day Detective Blog is focused on infidelity. Other topics include tips for people seeking private investigators, investigation tips from professionals and products. 

Top Investigation Blogs 7 Day Detective

#8 Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes

Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes is written by a couple who are private investigators and writers. Recent topics include hiring other investigators, winter surveillance, iPhone apps, skip tracing and literary reviews.

Top Investigation Blogs Guns Gams Gumshoes

#9 Davis Investigations Blog 

Recent posts in the Davis Investigations blog include password strategy, counter surveillance, infidelity and video surveillance.

Top Investigation Blogs Davis Investigations

#10 Kevin's Security Scrapbook 

Kevin's Security Scrapbook discusses spygear, industry and legislation news, security and investigations tips. Recurring SpyCam Stories cover stories on covert video camera discovery. 

Top Investigation Blogs Kevin's Security Scrapbook

#11 ICORP Investigations Blog 

#12 Fraud Magazine 

#13 International Background Checks and Private Investigators Blog 

#14 Orange County Private Investigator Blog 

#15 Sherlock's Case Files 

#16 Denver Private Investigator Blog 

#17 Private Eye Confidential

#18 BPI Security Blog

#19 Key North Group Blog 

#20 Handcuffed To The Ocean

#21 Official Investigations & Security Services Blog

#22 Mass Private I

#23 Gulf Coast Private Investigator Blog

#24 Skip Ease Blog

#25 PI Newswire

#26 The Background Investigator

#27 JFA Brisbane Blog

#28 Gary Houldsworth, CFE Blog

#29 Bosco Legal Services Blog

#30 Verdict Resources, Inc. Blog

Up and Coming . . .

#31 Tales of a Public Defender Investigator

#32 Title Search Blog

#33 Private Investigator Blog

#34 Third Echelon Investigations Blog

#35 The Daily Caveat

#36 Be A Private Eye Blog

#37 The Curbside Investigator

#38 The Wolf Howl

#39 Federal Criminal Defense Investigation Blog

#40 Bill Warner Private Investigator Crime Blog

#41 The Paperless PI

#42 Ghost Investigator Blog

#43 Marcone Investigations, Inc. Blog

#44 Colorado Private Investigator's Legal Information Access Blog

#45 P.I. Advice HQ 

#46 Sheer Investigations Blog

#47 Liar Catchers Blog

#48 Notes from a Private Investigator in Indonesia

#49 Kusic and Kusic Blog

#50 Yardley Investigations Blog

People's Choice . . .

Pursuit Magazine

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