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Grow Your Investigations Business in 2017

  • January 09, 2017
  • by PInow Staff

Process Server GrowthAs 2016 has now passed, it’s time to take advantage of opportunities to grow your business in 2017. You may have already targeted improvement areas or even set some business resolutions, but it's important to make sure you're not missing other opportunities to expand your business. 

Here are 13 ways to grow your investigations business in 2017:

1. Focus on Local Search Marketing

This aspect of your Internet presence is crucial for growing your business in 2012. Local search marketing is becoming a very large part of a successful online strategy. As a business offering location-specific services, it’s important to adapt to the way people search. Make sure that you claim your local listing, submit your company to multiple directories and networks and utilize available tools to help your business show up in local search results.

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2. Get Directory and Trusted Network Listings

Submitting to multiple directory and network listings will support your local search marketing. Think of each listing as a recommendation for your services. If ten of your friends recommended the same mechanic, you would probably try his or her services first. Directory listings tie into local search the same way. If your friends didn’t know a mechanic in your area, just as people search for Los Angeles Private Investigator you would search for your city and mechanic. Though it’s an Internet search, people approach the situation with the same mentality. If the same company is listed three separate times, that’s usually the first person they call. Multiple directory listings will get you leads, but make sure you’re included in trusted networks to help turn those leads into clients.

3. Join State and National Associations

Joining national and state private investigator associations will never hinder your business growth. The main role of associations is to preserve the industry and make sure all private investigators have the best opportunities to generate income. Association meetings are a great place to connect with out-of-state professionals and get business tips from experienced, successful investigators. Consider joining out-of-state associations to expand your network.

4. Network with Other Investigators

Networking with private investigators across the country can help you generate a referral network. With nation-wide contacts, you can work with investigators that are out of your area and hopefully assist with investigations in other states. If you prove to be a reliable and diligent contact, your network can become a great source of income for your business.

5. Utilize Free Resources

A resource can be anything from an industry group to an article you’ve found helpful or even a smartphone app or computer program. Use whatever you can to get connected with your clients and job opportunities, and always have an eye out for programs and services you might find helpful. Sharing your resources with your colleagues will also help you get established as a leading industry professional.

Social media is an excellent source for free marketing and networking, so make sure you set up a Facebook page and Twitter accounts for your business. Utilize social media to join industry groups, network with other professionals, and share related information and news. PInow hosts the Investigator Marketing LinkedIn group. Each group allows members to share tips and refer jobs.

6. Build a Website or Revamp Your Existing Site

Without a website, or even with a dated website, you might be stunting your growth potential. Even with referrals, network listings, and a spot in local search results your potential clients will likely check your website before contacting you. Music, animation, and broken links may lead them to continue searching, so clean up your existing site and decide if it’s time for a new one. Remember, your website can affect some of your search result rankings, so if it’s time for a complete renovation make sure you explore your options and don't forget to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. There are many alternatives to building a search engine optimized professional-looking investigator website on your own.

7. Expand Your Services

One way to experience business growth is to expand your services. Offer process service, pre-employment screening, or find partners for specialized fields like polygraph or arson investigations. There are always opportunities to provide additional services. Make sure you find creative ways to let your clients know you’ve expanded, and give them the opportunity to utilize your new services.

8. Target Major Clients with Creative Marketing

A crucial step in growing your business is to get your name out there. Take it one step further by targeting major clients with the potential for consistent work. Brainstorm creative ways to target these clients, like hosting educational seminars at law firms and insurance firms, and find ways to network or get on the vendor list. Just make sure you distribute your business information!

9. Do the Unexpected for Your Clients

Before you expand, check in with your repeat clients. Be sure to thank them for their business, and contact them to find out if there’s anything you can do to improve service. Ask specific questions, like what more you can be done to help and what problems you can help them solve. It’s also a good idea to have your calls forwarded to your cell phone when you’re out of the office. Repeat clients might leave a message, but most new clients will work with the first person who answers the phone.

10. Do Your Job to the Best of Your Ability

One of the key tools for doing your job well is communication, especially when there is an issue. Clear communication is the best ways to build trust and lets your clients know they can count on you. Make sure you are handling complaints, staying organized, maintaining professional reports, and keeping your turn-around times reasonable. If you continually exceed expectations you are more likely to get repeat business and referrals.

11. Reinforce Your Brand

Display your company contact information, including your logo, prominently on all correspondence - envelopes, letterhead, faxes, reports, and the signature file of your email.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to repeatedly expose your business to clients and colleagues. Include your company name, toll-free number, fax, web address, email, etc. Reinforce your services, and include a tagline specific to the services you offer – “Private Investigations throughout Texas" or “For all your Investigative and Process Serving Needs”.

12. Invest in Effective Business Tools

Growing your business is not exclusive to expanding your services and getting more clients. Look for opportunities for improvement within your business. Invest in tools, technology, and marketing that will help streamline operations, enhance business-client relationships, and help get you in front of your clients. Remember, it takes money to make money, so make sure you invest in effective marketing that will generate a return.

13. Set Reasonable Business Goals

All successful companies have annual, monthly and sometimes even weekly and daily goals. Write down your goals and share them with your staff and anyone who will hold you accountable. Studies have shown that by writing your goals down and sharing them with other people you are more likely to achieve them. It's also important that your goals are clear, measurable and realistic as well as ambitious. 

Growing your investigations business takes time, but with persistence and the right tools, you should find yourself with more business by the end of 2012. If you adapt to changes in marketing and advertising and constantly look for opportunities for improvement, you will likely experience significant business growth and become a leader in your industry.

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