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Process Server vs. Sheriff: the ServeNow Infographic

Process Server vs. Sheriff Infographic

Who should I hire: process server or sheriff?

Recently, ServeNow set out to find a clear, legitimate answer to the question, "Should I hire a process server of sheriff to serve my legal papers?" Data was collected from surveys of 100 paralegals, legal assistants, and legal administrators who have papers served regularly. The results were based on speed of service, customer service, knowledge of laws, success rate, and average cost.

What were the results?

In all areas except for cost, the results were overwhelmingly in the favor of process servers.  Process servers ranked higher in speed of service and customer satisfaction, and also achieve a higher success rate.  More than half of the people surveyed say that process servers are more knowledgeable about the laws, and most people are willing to pay extra to have their papers served by a process server instead of a sheriff.

To better illustrate the results, we created an infographic.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of statistics, data, and information through charts, images, and other visual comparisons.

Why did we create the infographic?

When presented in a visually dynamic way, statistics and information are easier to comprehend than when reading through traditional written data. The infographic helps people understand that turning to a professional is the best way to ensure their papers get served, and it also provides a resource to process servers, who can link to it or embed it on their own websites.  

Notable statistics

  • 78% of legal professionals surveyed prefer process servers over sheriffs
  • 90% of the time process servers completed the serve faster than sheriffs
  • Process servers received an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.28 out of 5 stars vs. the sheriff’s 2.55 stars
  • Only 13% of those surveyed believe sheriffs know the laws better
  • Process servers were rated more likely to successfully serve the documents
  • The difference in average cost was less than $1

And the winner is ... 

Process server.  Whether you rely on statistics or direct advice from industry professionals, the process server is the preferred choice. The process server prevailed in the important areas of customer satisfaction, rules of civil procedure, speed of service, and success rate. A difference in cost of less than $15, an average that drops significantly for high-volume serves, can get your papers served quickly, legally, and with customer service in mind.

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