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8 Easy Topics for Your Private Investigator Blog

private investigator blogging topicsOne of the hardest aspects of maintaining a blog is getting people to read it. In a career that historically has been surrounded by mystique, private investigators might have an advantage over the average blogger. But the question remains: What should I blog about?

Here are 8 topics to get your blog started:

  1. Myths and misconceptions. Maybe it’s the deerstalker hat that Sherlock Holmes used to wear or the unrealistic gadgets of Inspector Gadget.  Your blog is a great place to clear up and highlight misconceptions like the belief that private eyes get in high-speed chases, break the law, and listen in on phone conversations illegally.
  2. The reality of your profession. In the past decade, people have become increasingly obsessed with reality television. As a blogger, you can use this to your advantage and share the realities of your profession.  You can even point out recent books, movies, or television series that have portrayed your profession unrealistically.
  3. Infidelity. Infidelity makes up a significant portion of the investigation industry. For every person who is being cheated on, many others think their spouse may be having an affair. Your blog can be a place for you to share your personal warning signs that a significant other is probably cheating, reference past infidelity investigations, and possibly even hook potential clients.
  4. Your areas of expertise. If you focus on elderly abuse, or have extensive experience with locating birth-parents, you can provide advice to other industry professionals or even walk readers through gathering information that might help an investigator get answers faster.
  5. Gadgets. Whether it’s reviewing a new piece of equipment or raving about your favorite smartphone apps, your blog is the perfect place to show your readers just how tech savvy you are.
  6. How you became an investigator. People search the Internet every day wondering how they can become a private investigator. Imagine if all of those searches led to your blog. Because there are so many different paths that can lead to a career in investigations, blogging about how you got there can tap into a very specific market of readers.
  7. Breaking news and scandals. When the News of the World scandal first hit, the response was nearly maniacal. People were shocked about the hacking, investigators were outraged at the breach of ethics, and celebrities everywhere were being branded as hacking victims. A blog is a tremendous opportunity to clear up some of the bad publicity situations like this can stir up.
  8. Your legal and ethical boundaries. Tying in with news and scandals, clearly explaining the lines you can’t cross as a professional will help educate your potential clients. When setting up an initial interview, you can even direct the client to your blog to help them get a better understanding of what you can and can't do.

These are eight simple topics you can blog about to help grow your readership, market your business, and maybe even gain clients. Are there any topics you think a private investigator should or should not blog about? Let us know.

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