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12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

  • November 08, 2011
  • by PInow Staff

Navigating the fast-paced world of apps, programs, tweets, and status updates can be overwhelming, but as technology advances many free tools have become available to help businesses run more efficiently.  Here is our list of 12 free tools to help you run your private investigation firm.

1. Twitter, Facebook , and LinkedIn :  The ‘Big Three’ of the social media sites allow you to network with other professionals, share news, and connect with clients.  As a free tool, social media offers the easiest way to market your business.

Facebook 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

2. Google Apps:  With email, chat, a calendar, and docs, Google has created the basic business package at no cost.  You can access your email, send out calendar invitations to set up appointments, and complete all of your word processing on this online service.  For an on-the-go private investigator there is the added benefit of being able to access these tools from any device, and with everything stored online all of your records will survive a computer crash.

Google Apps 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

3. provides word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases in many languages and compatible on all computer formats.

OpenOffice 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

4. Dropbox: Compatible with all formats and available in mobile versions, Dropbox provides a place to add and store your files from any device.  Any time you update or add a file, it is added to each of your devices as well.

Dropbox 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

5. Evernote:  For the ultimate note-taker, Evernote allows you to save web pages, take notes, collaborate on projects, and share photos.

Evernote 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

6. eHour:  For a profession with a varying workweek and always-changing schedule, eHour provides an online-based timesheet solution.  With eHour you can log how much time you've spent on a specific project and create detailed reports with multiple employees.

eHour 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

7. PeaZip :  An alternative to WinZip, PeaZip is a file and archive manager.  With this tool you can extract, compress, convert, or encrypt your files, and even use their portable version for on-the-go archives.

PeaZip 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

8. Google Maps:  Street views, directions, maps, and even interior views of businesses make Google Maps a tool for scouting the best place to observe, planning your route, and identifying where you are.

Google Maps 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

9. Skype :  Make free calls to anywhere in the world, so long as both people have Skype accounts.  You can host conference calls, connect with overseas clients or collaborators, and provide face-to-face updates.

Skype 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

10. Areca Backup :  Although there are many web-based options for storing your files, Areca Backup is a simple and straightforward way to back up your computer’s files.  Simple copy-paste formats as well as email, zip archive, and post-backup options make this backup software easy to use.

Areca Backup 12 Free Tools for Private Investigators

11. AVG Antivirus :  With options for PC, internet, and mobile device protection, AVG offers comprehensive products comparable to other anti-virus software but with no cost.  You can also download a link scanner, or just run a PC tuneup to clean up your computer and get it running at its most efficient.

AVG Antivirus 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

12. Prey Project :  Prey is an innovative tool in protecting your devices that can be installed on your laptop or mobile device, and remotely activated if your device is stolen.  Through an internet or text message you can activate Prey, which will snap photos, lock your computer, or even report the theft to authorities.  You can also choose to have passwords wiped and other information protected.

Prey Project 12 Free Business Tools for Private Investigators

We hope you found this list helpful, and let us know if any other programs have made your business day a little easier.

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