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Capture More Clients with PInow Quotes

  • July 27, 2011
  • by PInow Staff

more clientsprivate gives people searching for private investigators two different ways to request quotes. In this article, we'll explain each and give you a few tips for success when attempting to gain new clients.

Individual Quote Request users can visit individual investigation firms' profiles to compare and contrast them. When a particular profile interests them, they can send a quote request directly to that investigator. The quote request delivers the requestor's contact information and a message containing details of the assignment.

Quick Quotes

A Quick Quote is a way for people searching for investigators on to get quotes from multiple investigator firms at the same time. If they search for private investigators in Los Angeles, for example, their results show approximately seven firms. When someone uses the Quick Quote button for the area in which your firm is located, it will send an e-mail to you and each of the other firms. Your response to this e-mail is critical, as it can lead to you getting the assignment. For more about that, keep reading.

How to Win Quick Quotes

Enabling the client to contact several firms simultaneously gives all of these investigators the opportunity to try to win the job. Now, whether or not you are the one who gets the job depends on what you do once you receive a Quick Quote request. Follow the steps below to increase your chances.

1. The key to converting a high percentage of Quick Quotes into jobs for you is to respond as quickly as possible once they hit your e-mail inbox. The person requesting the quote will be comparing several investigation firms, so you can only help yourself by being one of the first to respond.

2. When you respond to the Quick Quote, be very thorough about the details of the investigation you will provide for the specified quote.

3. If you have any questions about exactly what the person wants done, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call. A knowledgeable conversation could turn a potential client into an actual client.

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