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A Look Back at the Most Interesting Cases of 2007

  • January 24, 2008
  • by PInow Staff

We asked our and Yahoo! Groups to submit stories about their most exciting cases from 2007. From paternity serves to infidelity investigations, you all had a busy year! Here's a sample of what your fellow process servers and PIs were up to last year:

Upon completion of the paper and file portion of a case being researched, I was asked to deliver the one and a half inch stack of papers to the clients home. A very attractive retired reporter, this lady client appeared at the door of her home completely nude. Seems she does her housework like this, then into the hot tub and at mid-afternoon, off to meet with the girls (where lies are told, martini's are served, and life is refined). Yep, that's what I would call thoroughly retired. Are these good jobs or what?
-William Moseley, Chameleon Investigations

An Affair To Remember
Let's call my client Bob, and his wife Dora. Bob retained me to see if Dora was having an affair. She and Bob have two children, ages five and nine. Dora moved out, and back in with her mother and father -- taking with her the two children. She told Bob she needed time away.
She frequently visited the county library, where she was found talking to the janitor there. After several visits, we found the janitor was also an inmate in the county jail nearby. He was a trustee, who performed duties outside the compound, for the county. We found he was from New York, and incarcerated for bank robbery. Dora was videoed by us at the compound, holding hands and kissing the robber, many times. Dora went to the county courthouse, and found the robber one day, as he was performing his outside duties. Dora and the robber went behind closed doors, where they remained for some 30 minutes. A sheriff deputy arrived, and found the door closed and locked. He knew our PI was on this case, as he called our number. We arrived and photographed the door being kicked in, and the robber and Dora unclothed on the sofa. Needless to say, Bob now has the two children, and house. What a case!
-William C. Bridges Investigations, LLC

I Can See Clearly Now
This incident occurred while I was serving a defendant with a summons for an auto accident that had occurred about one year earlier. We first had to skip trace to learn his new residence. When I appeared on his doorstep I was met by his wife. She was surprised and at first acted like she had no idea what this was about. Abode service was appropriate so I explained the details and told her he was being served. Her husband came to the entry area but stayed in the background. The wife called out, 'This is about when you hit that car last year.' Then she told me he couldnt be responsible because, 'Hes blind.' Her husband yelled at her, 'Shut the %@&$ up!' She then explained, 'He could see then. Hes blind now, but he wasnt fully blind then.' Her husband called out in an even louder voice, 'Shut the %@&$ up! Dont be telling this man any of that.' I then left and phoned the attorney for whom I was working. He asked me to be sure and provide a report of this conversation. Needless to say, the case settled within two weeks.
-Bruce D. Graham, ETS Investigative Services

On the Case
I am presently working a serial murder case in which I believe that my client's mother killed my client's father, step-father, grandmother, uncle and business partner. The mother also has poisoned and hospitalized numerous other family members. A year ago last Easter, the mother sent my client a package containing candy, which a six-year-old girl got into and then became violently ill. The girl was hospitalized and eventually stabilized. I took the candy to a private laboratory and it tested positive with high doses of arsenic.
I now have the FBI involved and police jurisdictions from three separate states working the case. I still seem to be the primary pusher of getting this case prosecuted. With the assistance of the police, we hope to soon exhume two bodies and, depending on the evidence found, dig up a couple of others. The wheels of justice seem to spin very slowly.
-Mark Nosack, Mark Nosack Private Investigations

You Play, You Pay
I had a paternity case and found the college student in off-campus housing. He was partying with his buds and may have had more than one Buds that is. The 20-something answered the door, identified himself and I asked if he had ever been to Kansas. The boy answered in the affirmative last summer. He became as sober as a judge should be when I said: 'I think you left something behind' as I handed him the support summons and paternity complaint. He sat right down on the ground, beer in hand, and stared vacantly at me before I turned and left. You play, you pay.
-Jordan Ulery, Ulrich Litigation Support

Did your captivating caper make our list? If not, submit your stories in the comments section below.

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