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How to Avoid Child Support Hassles

  • June 16, 2006
  • by PInow Staff

How you strategize at the start of your divorce can save you and your children from the hassle of a Child Support Enforcement.

Child support enforcement, while it can help ensure that you get the money you need from an ex-partner or ex-spouse to help you support your children, can also be expensive and difficult for both you and your children. Child support enforcement can be avoided from the very beginning by making divorce and child support arrangements as water-tight and as amicable as possible. If you and your ex-partner agree to a consistent plan, there is simply a better chance that both of you will actually stick to the plan. This will not only create less friction but will also ensure that the child support keeps arriving. According to experts, there are several ways that you can help your child get the support they need, right from the beginning:

  • Try mediators or counselors. These are third parties who are trained to deal with marital problems and divorce. They can help you find common ground and can help you reach an agreement. They can also help you guide your negotiations so that talks do not simply dissolve into screaming matches. Even if your state does not require mediators or counselors, you can always seek these professionals out yourself.

  • Keep communication open. It's normal for you to have strained relations with your ex-partner after all, you agreed that you couldn't spend time together anymore. Despite this, it is important to keep cool. Even if your partner tries to provoke you into arguments or confrontations, try to stay communicative and calm. If you get frustrated that you are the one that has to act like the level-headed adult, just remember that you are keeping communication open for your children, not yourself.

  • Get everything in writing. It's hard to prove an agreement was made unless it is in writing. Make sure that you have documents that support the agreement stating how much and how often child support will be paid out. Make sure that your ex-partner submits written records of assets.

  • Get a good lawyer. Often, a good lawyer with an excellent reputation and an extensive record of winning can help you more than any other professional at the beginning, when you are just seeking child support. Such a lawyer will think of things you might not consider such as asset investigations, or analyzing the possible prejudices of the judge considering your case.  Keep excellent records. Any records that you have from your marriage that relate to your assets and your partner's assets can be of tremendous benefit. Any evidence you have of a partner's assets or lifestyle can also be useful. Any paper that you keep that can help your lawyer find good support for your child can be worth its weight in gold.

What Happens When All the Expert Tips Don't Help?

Of course, even if you do everything right, that does not mean that your ex-partner will be honest and will pay you the money owed. Some people, unfortunately, simply do not want to pay child support or try to use children as a power position with an ex-spouse. If you have not gotten the child support you deserve or if your ex-partner is not paying the support they are required to pay by a court, you need to take matters into your own hands. A good child support enforcement investigator can get to the bottom of your ex-partner's financial status and can help you get the financial backing you need to raise your child well.

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