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Is Your Ex Avoiding Child Support?

  • February 22, 2007
  • by PInow Staff

Many parents and children are in financial difficulty today because parents are not paying the child support ordered by courts. Hiring a private investigator can help parents augment resource-strapped legal systems so that payment can finally be made.

Deadbeat parents cost children a lot of money. In the state of Hawaii alone, more than half a billion dollars represents the amount of delinquent child support payments. According to 2005 statistics, the state is only able to successfully collect 40% of delinquent accounts. The District of Columbia is not much better, collecting only in 37% of cases. Most states have passed laws to get deadbeat parents to pay up -- in some states; parents who fall behind on their child support can find their paychecks cut, their credit dinged, or their licenses suspended.

Despite the legal measures, though, parents still report that deadbeat parents do not pay child support. Child advocacy groups point out that some parents move or change identities in order to avoid child support, while others only make a payment or two when threatened with cut pay or loss of a license and then return to non-payment. In many cases, law enforcement and child services simply do not have the resources to find and compel non-paying parents to make payments.

What can parents do that the courts have not tried?

This leaves many families and many children devoid of the financial support promised to them by courts. The financial distress this causes leads many to private investigators. Investigative professionals with child support investigation experience can offer a number of services, including:

  • Tracking down parents who have changed their place of residence or their identity to avoid child support payments.

  • Tracking down a parents place of employment, so that child support payments can be deducted from their pay.

  • Asset searches that can prove how much money a parent has. This service can even help uncover hidden assets including hard assets such as real property -- that can be used towards child support.

  • Surveillance to prove that a non-paying parent is living a lifestyle which includes enough money to make payments.

Why choose an investigator?

While the government may not be able to uncover the information a parent needs, an investigator will work until all information is available. The custodial parent can then use this information in order to get the legal system to take action. With evidence in hand, it is easier for a parent to get the legal system to compel the non-paying parent to meet their financial obligations.

Since parents seeking child support investigations are often low on money, many investigators set fixed fees for these services. Some are willing to accept payment after a parent has collected payment from the other parent. In many cases, a child support investigation is an investment.

A free child support investigation resource

Parents now have an additional resource to help them get their child support. The Worldwide Directory of Private Investigators is a free-to-use private investigator directory that can help parents quickly and easily find qualified, experienced investigators in their area. With the Worldwide Directory of Private Investigators, parents can find a professional who can help them conduct a through, legal investigation that gets results. The Worldwide Directory of Private Investigators even has a full resource library that can help parents get the most from their investigation.

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