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A Mini Guide to Corporate Investigations

Often corporate investigations are conducted to determine whether a company is safe or not to do business with. By conducting an in-depth analysis, companies are kept safe from:

  • Damaged reputation
  • Misuse or abuse of network and resources
  • Compromised customer information
  • Theft or loss or proprietary information
  • Problems that may arise if a corporation’s network has been used to attack
  • Other systems

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Corporate Investigations – A Briefer

Also referred to as business investigations, corporate investigations meticulously investigate business operations, leaving no stone unturned. They dig deep to determine if a potential business partner is legitimate, try to uncover any fraud or embezzlement going on, and check out if a potential business merger will be beneficial. They can also cover criminal inquiries, intellectual property investigation, and financial searches. Everything that concerns a business can be investigated and can be classified under the umbrella of Corporate Investigations.

Who Needs Business Investigations?

Today, whether a business will succeed or fail relies heavily on keeping themselves informed so they can make the key decisions at the right time. These investigations empower them with tools to make success a reality. Background checks for both employees they hire and companies they deal with gives them valuable information about whether their workers and/or business partners are trustworthy. This can save the company from a potential lawsuit down the road. In addition to the above, corporate monitoring operations, including brand monitoring, compliance audits, media monitoring, and internet monitoring can help a business continue to prosper. More so, averting any possible catastrophes can be achieved by resolving problems before they become too big, allowing the business to identify problems and wrongdoings before they become too difficult to manage.

How are Corporate Investigations Conducted?

There are a number of ways how corporate investigations are conducted and all of them are tailored to meet specific needs. A company or individual can consult with a private investigator first so that the PI can determine which tools are appropriate for the situation.

A business investigation often includes services such as:

  • Due diligence
  • Security penetration checks
  • Financial investigation
  • Countermeasure checks
  • Financial investigation
  • Integrity testing
  • Surveillance
  • Computer forensics

Why Private Investigators are Needed for Business Investigations

Running a business successfully means being fully informed with everything going on about the market, competition, and brand. It is no secret that large businesses often have their own in-house private investigators, or if not, they will often hire private investigators on a retainer basis. This strategy allows them to have an edge over competitors so that they stay on top of their business, not to mention that this also helps safeguard them against internal theft, sexual harassment issues, security penetration, and fraud. Many businesses today are very complex entities. Just because there seems to be a lot of information available online does not mean what you see is the whole truth. Some businesses even have an active online team that filters data that’s made publicly available; and yes, that includes monitoring their employees’ social media. With the world becoming smaller and business relations more complex, demand for Corporate Investigations will continue to increase in the years ahead and that’s good news for the private investigation industry.

Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc is a Full-Service Private Investigator and Surveillance Firm, with offices conveniently located in Toronto and Mississauga Ontario. They offer Professional Investigation Services for Corporations and Private Individuals throughout the Entire Greater Toronto Area.


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