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Private Investigators Association of Idaho Offers Certified Private Investigator Program

The Private Investigators Association of Idaho will offer its Certified Private Investigator program on April 15, 2015. See the below letter from the association for more details.

Letter from the Private Investigators Association of Idaho


This letter is written on behalf of The Private Investigators Association of Idaho. The PIAI will begin offering a Certified Private Investigator program (CPI) beginning April 15, 2015. Idaho currently has no statewide licensing or insurance requirements for private investigators. There are, however; a few select cities which require a private investigator to be licensed. This certification program will hopefully produce a greater level of confidence and reliability for out of state clients, due to the requirements and qualifications for certification.

The Private Investigators Association of Idaho has worked at developing a certification program for private investigators for the last year. This certification will be a way for private investigators in the State of Idaho and beyond to demonstrate knowledge, experience and proficiency with regards to the private investigative industry. Applicants will undergo a complete background investigation, be fully insured & bonded, as well as pass an exam consisting of 75 multiple choice questions, 3 essay questions and an 800 word "white paper" on any area of investigations. There will also be an oral interview with each applicant with the CPI Board. The PIAI-CPI Certification Board has worked with other agencies and associations in order to develop this program.

All individuals who become certified will be required to carry insurance and a bond. They will also have to be licensed in the city or state in which they operate, if licensing is required. In addition, 25 hours continuing education will be required every two years. This certification will not be issued based on simply paying for certification and passing an exam. All requirements must be met and a level of experience needed in “private investigations” in order to qualify. Qualifications, requirements and other information will be listed on our website soon. You may also contact the PIAI for information.


If you should have any questions regarding the CPI certification program please contact the Private Investigators Association of Idaho at [email protected] We would be happy to answer any questions about the new certification. Our goal for the CPI certification is to become nationally recognized and a way for private investigators to demonstrate additional proficiency in their field. The CPI* logo and designation are not intended as a substitute for any state or local licensing laws. The CPI credential is in addition to, not instead of.


The PIAI wishes to thank those who have helped us develop this program with experience, advice and suggestions. We have worked diligently at creating this program and we are very grateful for the support we have received. Idaho private investigators take cases from many different states. Due to Idaho insurance and licensing laws, we hope this certification program will establish a level of confidence and increased trust for those who hire private investigators in Idaho and beyond. We are currently a small association but seem to be growing fast as we reach out and network with other states. Our website will be completely redesigned in the coming months. We hope to meet some of you at conferences this coming year.


The Private Investigators Association of Idaho
CPI (Certified Private Investigator)
PO BOX 814 Kuna, Idaho 83634
[email protected]

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