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Hot Topics in Investigation: Drone Use, Cell Phone Triangulation, Casey Kasem's Missing Body, and More

Private investigators are constantly in the news and a very active group on social media. Recent hot topics include drone use, skills that make investigators better people, quotes for investigators, cell phone triangulation, Casey Kasem's missing body, and more. For the latest updates, follow PInow on Twitter.

Private Investigators Turn to Drones to Catch Marital Cheaters, Insurance Fraud

Although the Federal Aviation Administration has yet to allow drone flying for commercial use, some investigators have purchased and started using drones for surveillance after a federal judge dismissed a $10,000 fine for flying a drone for commercial purposes.

“One PI, Matthew Seifer, said he recently pretended to test-fly a drone in Central Park, while actually recording a husband who was in a passionate embrace with a woman who was not his wife.

'We had to get in and get out real quick,' Mr. Seifer said in the New York Post report. 'We deployed a drone for eight minutes and got five minutes’ worth of box video. That was the closure our client was looking for.'”

Another investigator used a drone to photograph a man suspected of committing workers' compensation fraud.

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3 Investigative Skills That Just Might Make You a Better Human

In an article by Kim Green in Pursuit Magazine, three skills essential to private investigation are examined as lifehacks for better relationships.

“Here’s the thing: You know your observations are usually dead on, and that knowing can get a little overbearing on the home front…especially when you use it to win the argument. But what if you keep that inner certainty to yourself, and use your observational skills for sussing out your loved ones’ unspoken needs and inner turmoil?

Remember: Most people are so busy thinking about their own feelings and agendas, that they forget to notice other people—which is why skills of observation are like a superpower, especially when you actually care about the person you’re observing.”

The three key observations:

  1. Observing+Caring=Empathy
  2. Interviewing+Genuine Interest=Connection
  3. Reserving Judgement+Generosity=Patience

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10 Quotes Every Private Investigator Should Know

The folks at Diligentia Group recently put together a slideshow of 10 impactful quotes for private investigators. The quotes are from prominent leaders, books, authors, films, and fictional characters, including Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John Paxton, Plato, Ronald Reagan, Stephen King, and even Ace Ventura.

10 Quotes Every Private Investigator Should Know from Brian Willingham

Check out the article for the full article on the Diligentia Group blog.

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