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Hot Topics in Investigation: Police Chief Refuses to Turn Records Over to Investigator

Private investigators are constantly in the news and a very active group on social media. Recent hot topics include a police chief's refusal to turn public records over to an investigator, events in 2014, and what it's like to be a PI in Ireland. For the latest updates, follow PInow on Twitter.

Police Chief Refuses to Turn Records Over to Private Investigator

A recent profile on a private investigator in Ireland produced a lot of interesting quotes about the work itself, misconceptions, and how breaking into the profession REALLY works. They cover what private means, what the scope of work is, television's portrayal of investigators, fraud, and infidelity.

“Gary Starkey, an investigator from Boise, faxed a public records request to Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves in March, asking for non-confidential information about the shooting of "Hooch," whose death was captured on video by the dashcam of Officer Tarek Hassani's cruiser.”

“Reeves responded to Starkey's request in a fax, citing which items were available. Two items were marked "exempt" from the Idaho Public Records Law, as they pertained to confidential employee records.”

There are different levels of investigators and speciaties in Ireland.

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What is it Like to be a Private Investigator in Ireland

International Investigators is looking into the hottest trends in private investigations in 2014, namely cellular forensics and social media engineering. Through the use of cell tower triangulation and cell data analysis, PIs are able to locate more substantial evidence to support or counter customers' claims. Additionally, there is a new field of detecting spyware that is primarily in the private sector, as it is passed over by government authorities unless there is an additional crime.

“I don’t often tell people what I do for a living, but when I do, people think it’s all going through bins and saving dames. It is not.”

“It’s a very difficult business to get into. You can’t just become a PI, you have to find a company to take you on, but even that is very difficult because companies have operatives that they’re comfortable with.”

Because there are so many millions of people tweeting, facebooking, and sharing the moments of their lives, social media is another important avenue for investigators to pursue. Whether it be missing persons or infidelity, the wealth of personal knowledge online would be a mistake to ignore.

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Events for Private Investigators in 2014

As private investigators gear up for fall events, state associations and organizations have been announcing dates and locations for their fall conferences and seminars. There are some great events happening all over the country, and these are great opportunities to network, get educated, and keep up with what's happening in the industry.

Fall conferences are happening in, many states, including:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont

Check out the article for the full list of events happening in 2014.

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