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Hot Topics in Investigation: Trends in 2014, 20 Years After OJ Trial, and More

Private investigators are constantly in the news and a very active group on social media. This week's hot topics include trends for 2014, 20 years after the OJ Simpson Trial, social media tools for investigators, Long Island Medium hoax, and more. For the latest updates, follow PInow on Twitter.

Trends in Private Investigation for 2014

International Investigators is looking into the hottest trends in private investigations in 2014, namely cellular forensics and social media engineering. Through the use of cell tower triangulation and cell data analysis, PIs are able to locate more substantial evidence to support or counter customers' claims. Additionally, there is a new field of detecting spyware that is primarily in the private sector, as it is passed over by government authorities unless there is an additional crime.

"Malware is increasingly available – although illegal in the United States. The use of a mobile spy is seen in relationship issues, corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property and other instances of fraud."

Because there are so many millions of people tweeting, facebooking, and sharing the moments of their lives, social media is another important avenue for investigators to pursue. Whether it be missing persons or infidelity, the wealth of personal knowledge online would be a mistake to ignore.

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The OJ Simpson Case Is Now 20 Years Old - And Evidence Collected By A Private Investigator Points To His Son

William C. Dear, the private investigator who spent 18 years investigating the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (June 12, 1994), says in a new book that O.J. did not kill his wife or her friend. The book, titled “O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It”, says that evidence suggests Simpson's son, Jason, was the killer.

"To most of those who watched the famous "white Bronco" low-speed chase and trial after the killings in 1994, it will likely seem inconceivable that someone other than Simpson committed the murders, but Dear cites some compelling evidence to support his case. At the very least, it seems Jason Simpson should have been considered a suspect, which he never was."

Dear's hope is that the information will lead to a special grand jury, arrest, and conviction. Other private investigators have found it to be an interesting article, with one even saying, “I've said this from early on in the case!”

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7 Tools and Recommendations for Social Media Investigations

Stepping outside the average list of helpful tools for private investigators, this list includes items outside of the standard records and social media searches.

"Harnessing the social web has become an integral part of work for any investigator. So much information is being shared with smartphones and social media that it’s absolutely impossible to ignore. And the amount of data is growing every day.
"There are hundreds of social media sites, each with its own intricacies. And they are changing every day. There really is no magic bullet, but in order to have a better understanding of social media investigations, you really need to know how each of them works."

Listed in the article are items like Facebook Graph Search, Reverse Image Search, Spokeo, and Knowem.

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