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Hot Topics In Investigation: Links Between PIs and Archaeologists, Advantages to Being a Female PI, and More

The Advantage to Being a Female Private Investigator

According to the article, there are a number of advantage to being a female private investigator. Though honey trap stings and ruses to catch cheating spouses are what comes to mind for many, female investigators bring a number of abilities to many types of investigation. Some of the listed skills include flexibility, putting interview subjects at ease, and gaining access to people, places, and information.

"Who blazed the way for future female PI’s? America’s first female private investigator was Kate Warne. She started her career in 1856. Warne was part of a team of investigators, at Pinkerton Detective Agency, that uncovered plans to assassinate President elect Abraham Lincoln. She went undercover as a wealthy southern belle that infiltrated social gatherings to develop details of the assassination."

Quoting Forbes, which states that although less than 15 percent of women are private investigators the number is growing, the article calls women gifted when it comes to deciphering and reading sitations.

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Investigators and Archaeologists May Use Different Tools, But Their Methods are Similar

An interesting article in Pursuit Magazine draws parallels between archaeology and investigative work, particularly in relation to investigative journalism. Both entities analyze historical records and dig through sites, though the archaeologist's dig might be a bit dustier than a person's apartment or a corporate office.

"When the archeologists checked Fredericksburg’s tax maps, they found no evidence of a building on the property before 1886. But that didn’t mean that there hadn’t been one. When they went looking for insurance records instead, they discovered an insurance policy had been taken out for a structure on the site. After the Battle of Fredericksburg, the policy was for far less value, suggesting that the building was gone—or had burned down."

In the article, the author also shares some thoughts on various investigative strategies. An intricate weave of archaeology and tales in investigative journalism just how closely these fields are related, disclosing how simply checking a secondary file, taking a trip to the courthouse, and taking a detailed look at the physical surroundings can transform findings.

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Three Top Marketing Techniques That Get Private Investigators Results

Members of the PI Marketing LinkedIn Group are currently discussing most successful marketing techniques and what target markets those tactics are aimed at.

"My secondary market is probably landlords and employers, for which a fourth method-group is employed: referrals and a special rate for referred customers and for those who refer, plus live talks to groups of landlords and employers to enlighten them as to what an investigator can do for them."

Investigators who work primarily with attorneys as well as those in niche markets like local school districts have shared what works for them. Paid-for professional SEO, content marketing, personal contact with clients and staff, and direct mail are all examined in the conversation.

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