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8 Private Investigators and Their Resolutions for 2013

We're well into 2013 and private investigators have taken to Facebook and LinkedIn to share their business and personal resolutions for 2013. Continue reading for some insight into what your peers are hoping to accomplish over the next twelve months, the struggles they are facing, and to give them positive encouragement and tips for maintaining their resolutions throughout the year.

1. Be as professional as possible


Keeping as professional as possible is a great goal to have. If growing wiser comes with age then you're sure to be one year wiser this time next year. We love the simplicity of this resolution, and it's an important aspect of customer service to keep in mind!

2. Make it to the top and increase production


This is a great resolution. This highlights a broad, long-term vision (to be the best), focuses on a specific goal that will help her get there (increase production), and incorporates a strategy for achieving that goal. Applying this formula to your resolutions is a great idea. Think vision-goal-strategy!

3. Focus on education


For the aspiring investigator or those who are new to the field, boosting education is a great resolution. Focusing on two goals that are loosely intertwined and work toward the same end result is a great way to keep on track. The great thing about a resolution like completing a training or school program is that it is a measurable achievement with a beginning, middle, and end. Good luck, Marlena!

4. Outperform yourself


Rokesha has a great resolution here, to improve herself as an investigator over the coming year. There are many ways to work toward this, whether it's learning a new skill, getting educated on a new technique, focusing on customer service, or even working toward higher client satisfaction. 

5. Get more business


More cases: two powerful words. Getting more cases means reaching out to new clients and reconnecting with those from the past. If you're looking for new clients this year try focusing on your local search profile, getting a mobile-compatible website set up, or finding an attorney to work with on a consistent basis.

6. Not working past the deposit


There are a few investigators who have brought up the issue of outstanding fees. Hennie vows to not work past his deposit this year, and many other investigators are focusing on taking care of payments from outstanding invoices. Revenue, contracts, and deposits are all great places to focus a resolution. Going on a holiday sounds like a great plan too!

7. Support colleagues with new platforms


This is another great formula for maintaining a resolution. Zach pledges to increase support for his PI colleagues. And how? By outfitting them with cutting edge surveillance platforms. The overarching theme is again supported by a specific goal. Great stuff, Zach!

8. Reserving time to unwind and relax


Charles makes a resolution that will likely have a positive effect on both his personal and professional life. Taking time to relax or sharpening your mind by picking up a new hobby is a great resolution for anyone. Whether you aspire to be like Sherlock Holmes and master the violin or want to try out a new sport or artistic skill, we say go for it!

To share your resolution or offer tips and support to your peers visit the PInow Facebook Fanpage or the Private Investigator LinkedIn Group and join the community! Best of luck to all with their resolutions both personal and professional.

Here's wishing a happy and prosperous new year to all investigators!

We wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year, and the best of luck to all in achieving your personal and business goals through 2013!



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