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PI Blotter: Private Investigator Takes on Unusual Memorial Case

Each week PInow combs the web for the latest and most interesting industry news stories to bring you the Weekly Private Investigator Blotter.

Widow Hires Private Investigators After Acquittal

NEW ZEALAND – Kylee Guy has hired private investigators to determine who killed her husband after Ewen Macdonald was acquitted of the crime. Private investigators on the case reportedly include Gary Howarth of Thompson and Clark, Mike Crawford of Mike Crawford and Associates, Tim McKinnel of Zavest Investigations, and Phil Jones of Omega Investigations. Guy's death is still considered an ongoing investigation, according to authorities.

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Was Bar Fire Arson? Experts and Private Investigators Weigh In

MONTELLO, WI – Private investigators hired by Mt. Morris Mutual Insurance Co. as well as county and state investigators have been trying to determine the cause of a 2006 fire that destroyed J.J.'s Pub. Investigators worked together and determined that the fire was arson, even though the building suffered from electrical problems. Bar owner Joseph Awe has been objecting to that finding, noting that official investigators should not have relied on data provided by Wisconsin private investigators, who had a vested interest as they worked for an insurance carrier. Awe is currently serving a prison term for the fire and is seeking a new trial. In court, expert fire investigator John Lentini testified before an evidentiary hearing that the fire was caused by a flaw in the electrical box.

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Private Investigator Takes on an Unusual Memorial Case

CANADA – Tony Jasinski lost his son to a car accident and set up a highway-side memorial in his memory. When the memorial was repeatedly vandalized, Jasinski took the unusual step of hiring a private investigator to determine who was behind the vandalism. Matthew Romanik of Star Quality Investigations found the man behind the vandalism quickly and confronted him. The vandal was apparently ruining the memorials because he disapproved of them. Unfortunately, it appears as though police may not be able to arrest the man because the memorials are on public property.

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Private Investigator Accused of Intimidating Witnesses

ALBANY, NY – Steven P. Rombom, a New York private investigator, has been charged with professional misconduct. The charges stem from incidents where Rombom allegedly intimidated and threatened witnesses in the NXIVM case. Rombom may lose his private investigator’s license if he is found guilty. He must face a law tribunal on October 25 to face the charges.  An attorney for the private investigator denied that Rombom was guilty of the charges.

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Calvin Klein Reportedly Hired Private Investigators to Follow Former Partner

NEW YORK, NY – Nick Gruber, the former romantic partner of designer Calvin Klein, has accused Klein of hiring private investigators to follow him. Gruber alleges that after he and Klein ended their two and a half year relationship that he was approached by men claiming to be private investigators. The men allegedly told Gruber that they knew about his new partner and made allegations that his new partner had connections to organized crime.   

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MK Zevulun Orlev Considers Filing Complaint Over Investigation

ISRAEL – MK Zevulun Orlev, the leadership candidate for Habayit Hayehudi, claims that he was approached by a private investigator at the start of August. The investigator allegedly claimed to be an investor and asked a number of questions and tried to use office equipment belonging to Orlev. The incident occurred at the Knesset and Orlev now wants to know who hired the investigator. He is also reportedly considering filing a complaint about the unusual incident. 

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Attorney Nolan, Private Investigator May Have Spied on Spouses of Clients

CONCORD, CA – Attorney Mary Nolan has been charged with tax evasion and illegally intercepting communications after she allegedly worked with California private investigator Christopher Butler to spy on clients’ spouses. In 2007, Nolan allegedly had clients work with Butler to place listening devices in the clients’ spouses’ vehicles. The listening devices were used in an attempt to gain a legal advantage for the clients. Earlier this year, Butler pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including extortion, drug charges, conspiracy, and robbery.

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