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PI Blotter: Private Investigator Helping in the Case of Missing Person

Each week PInow combs the web for the latest and most interesting industry news stories to bring you the Weekly Private Investigator Blotter.

Private Investigators in UK Unregulated, Quality Varies Widely

UK – Since the News of the World hacking scandal, an estimated 10,000 private investigators in Britain have come under some scrutiny. In the UK, the private investigation industry is unregulated, and as a result, some of the investigators in the country have no qualifications. Quality of services varies widely, as do private investigation businesses themselves. Some PI’s run their businesses out of a spare bedroom in the home while others have chains of offices. The UK does have the Association of British Investigators, but less than 20% of Britain’s investigators are members. Membership is voluntary and the organization has no enforcement powers if an investigator is violating rules.

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Katie Holmes Reportedly Worried About Scientologists Private Investigators

NEW YORK, NY – Since Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, some media reports are stating that Holmes is worried that Cruise and Scientologists will hire private investigators to do surveillance work on her. According to some reports, Holmes has seen two mysterious men lurking outside her Chelsea New York home, and worries they may be investigators hired by the organization. Former Scientology members who left the ranks – including Marty Rathbun – and journalists who have written unflattering pieces about the organization have claimed that they have been placed under surveillance by the group. Representatives of Scientology have denied that former members are placed under surveillance. 

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Company Accused of Spying on Employees

AUSTRALIA – Toll, a transportation company, is facing a legal battle after hiring private investigators to look into the claims of employees who have reported workplace injuries. Toll now faces unfair dismissal charges. Employees are accusing the company of unfair practices, saying they were fired after taking sick leave. They allege that Toll had private investigators follow them on their sick leave. In Australia, it is not usual for private or individual companies to hire private investigators to check injury claims, although it is a common practice for insurance companies and government agencies. However, Toll says that its methods are acceptable because the company is self insured. 

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Private Investigator Loses Bid in Court

ENGLAND – Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, at the center of The News of the World scandal, has lost his bid to keep his clients confidential.  Five Supreme Court judges deemed that Mulcaire must reveal more information about the people who hired him at the tabloid to hack into voicemail messages. Mulcaire had argued in court that he had a right to keep the names secret to avoid incriminating himself. The ruling could mean more revelations about who was involved in the scandal. 

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Private Investigator Helping in the Case of Missing Person Katherine Gillham

BIG LAGOON, CA – The family of Katherine Gillham have hired a California private investigator to help find the missing woman. They have also offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who has information which could lead to her return. Private investigator Chris Cook is working with the family and with sheriff’s officials to determine why Katherine Gillham did not return home on June 11 and why she has been missing ever since. 

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New Show to Focus on Private Security Company

LOS ANGELES, CA – Now that Dog the Bounty Hunter will no longer be airing new episodes, some networks are looking for the next big hit. AMC is one network with an idea that should appeal to a similar demographic. They are putting together a reality show, Small Town Security, about a small private security business. The 30 minute show will start with one season of 8 episodes and will center around JJK Security & Investigations Inc. and the family that owns the business. The show is slated to premiere on July 15. 

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