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PI Blotter: Private Investigators use Social Media to Gather Evidence

Each week PInow combs the web for the latest and most interesting industry news stories to bring you the Weekly Private Investigator Blotter.

Private Investigators and the Social Media Footprint

NEW YORK, NY – The social media footprint that social media users leave when using sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow private investigators and attorneys to gather information less expensively than ever before. In addition, since social media site users post information voluntarily, there are often fewer legal snags in using the information from these sites for investigation cases and legal cases. While many people believe that they can simply delete pictures and information from these sites, social media leaves a footprint which means that the information may not be entirely gone. 

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Leveson Inquiry Appeals to Potential Victims

UK -- The Leveson inquiry is appealing to victims of illegal activities on the part of investigators to submit their evidence. The inquiry is especially interested in receiving evidence of wrongdoing by currently employed journalists who may have used private investigator Steve Whittamore to illegally dig up information.

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Therapists Provide New Details About Infidelity

NEW YORK, NY -- A new survey by shows that emotional dissatisfaction is why most people cheat, followed by sexual dissatisfaction. Half of survey respondents also agreed that new technology can be a catalyst for cheating, but 90% also say that online sites and tools only provide opportunity. Most respondents to the survey felt that partners who want to cheat will always find a way, whether the technology is there or not.

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Survey Has Good News for Private Investigators

CANADA – A new survey by Gartner Inc. has found that 60% of employers plan to have programs in place to monitor the social media activities of employees by the year 2015. While this may be good news for private investigators who can help companies set up these types of programs, it may be bad news for employers. The same Gartner survey found that most employees and job seekers do not understand the impact their online reputation may have on their careers.

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Questions Over Fire Investigation

MARQUETTE COUNTY, WI – State investigators and Wisconsin private investigators have been looking into the cause of the 2006 fire which destroyed J.J.'s Pub. After initially thinking that the fire was caused by electrical problems, investigators then claimed that the fire was set intentionally. Joseph Awe, owner of the bar, is now appealing his conviction in the blaze, his defense team claiming that investigators hired by the insurance company had their own agenda and worked with state investigators instead of launching their own investigation. Awe has made previous appeals and has not yet been successful.

Surveillance in Canadian Airports Causes Stir

CANADA – Canada Border Services Agency has plans to place more surveillance at customs-controlled areas of airports. The agency plans to use high-definition video cameras and microphones to listen to passengers’ conversations. The MacDonald Cartier Airport in Ottawa may already have the equipment in place, although the Canada Border Services Agency and other government bodies are being vague about the details of the new surveillance measures. The reports of the surveillance have many Canadians upset.

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Background Checks and Childcare

TULSA, OK – Child caregivers spend many days alone with children and according to 2011 statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 700,000 children are abused or neglected yearly, with babysitters accounting for 5% of offenders. These types of facts have many parents scrambling to find reliable child care. Some parents work with private investigators to run background checks on babysitters while others use nanny cams to ensure that abuse and neglect are not a problem. Some private investigators even set up special services for parents. Oklahoma private investigator Adrienne Kallweit, for example, has established SeekingSitters which checks references and runs background checks on behalf of parents.

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