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Private Investigators Prepare for ICIA Conference

2012 ICIA TALI Private Investigator ConferenceStarting on August 2nd, Texas private investigators and those from all over the world will head for San Antonio to attend the International Conference of Investigative Associations (ICIA). The conference, which runs through the 4th, features a large array of vendors and will focus on four tracks of seminars: Forensics, Expert Investigations, General Investigations and Business Operations. PInow spoke with Kelly Riddle, president of Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), to get some inside information on this year’s conference. 

“This is a vendor-driven conference,” says Riddle, “as many vendors as possible are going to be at the forefront of this conference giving seminars and demonstrations”. With delegates from state, national and international associations all attending and discussing the topics and issues that face the profession today, the ICIA 2012 conference will also be a great networking opportunity for private investigators.

Why investigators should attend:

“We are going to come out of this conference having a lot of unity,” explains Riddle, who encourages private investigators to attend the ICIA because so many associations will be represented there. Round table discussions will give investigators the opportunity to discuss what needs to be addressed within the profession, and with many association leaders attending there will be an opportunity to create strategies for various crises. Riddle hopes these discussions will create a "rapid response team”. With most attendees on the same page, private investigators and associations can more easily oppose or support legislation related to their profession and respond to crises or events that affect the industry.

The detailed seminars will benefit attendees because, “they will come out of the conference with specific information geared toward them, to help them,” says Riddle. The vendors present at the conference will help private investigators know what “the latest and greatest” and most up-to-date products and services are available to them.

Vendors at this year’s conference:

Vendors are playing a large role in this year’s ICIA conference. In order to be entered into the grand prize, attendees must visit each vendor booth. Riddle says he and his association do not want to force private investigators to interact with vendors but notes that "it is important that they know who the vendors are." Understanding what each vendor offers can help a private investigator down the road. “A private investigator may not need a lab analysis company today, but he or she may need one a year from now,” he continues. By knowing who the vendors are and getting their information, private investigators will have new resources available to them.

The vendors for this year’s conference were carefully chosen and Riddle uses most of the vendors himself. There will be drug testing companies, data providers, equipment suppliers and online marketing companies attending the ICIA conference. This is a great opportunity to meet vendors face to face, try out new products and purchase up-to-date gear.

PInow will be attending the 2012 ICIA conference so we can connect with our clients in person and showcase our products and services. Make sure you stop by our booth to check out what we have to offer and say hello!

Recreational activities:

2012 ICIA attendees are all invited to a social event at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum where they will be treated to food and drink and have a chance to learn some Texas history while interacting with their fellow investigators and vendors.

Riddle stresses the importance of attending the recreational event held in association with the conference. "The first 150 people that sign up and register will get a one day pass on the river taxi," he explains. The river taxis run up and down San Antonio's famous River Walk, and those with passes will have unlimited rides, so they can hop off to visit a restaurant or mall then hop back on. "The River Walk is a huge attraction," Riddle notes, "It's the number one destination in the state of Texas."

While investigators will be learning at the conference, recreational events allow professionals to network under different circumstances. Attending the event at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum will allow private investigators “to really get to know people." Vendors will be present at the offsite event, giving them and private investigators alike a chance to interact in a stress free environment and get to know each other on another level.

Speakers and topics at this year’s conference:

This year’s ICIA conference offers a variety of seminar topics based on the four main seminar tracks. According to Riddle, “whatever level of PI you are, there is something for you”. The keynote speaker will be Jay Brandon, an award-winning author and practicing attorney.

  • Jay Brandon - Friday Keynote Speaker

  • Tim Johnson - TCSM Electronic Countermeasures

  • Bill Lundy - Vehicle Fires

  • Reggie Montgomery - How to be an Expert Witness

  • Philip Klein - Parental Kidnapping Investigations

  • Diana Garren - 6 Keys for Business Success

  • Mark Knowles - Investigating Government Contract Opportunities

  • Dean Boland, Esq. - Public Speaking & How to Testify

  • Randy Kildow, TCI - What You Can Learn From Real Estate Documents

  • William Blake - Professionalism & Ethics

  • David O'Hara - Mobile Device Forensics

  • Joe Seanor & Daisy Scott - Computer Forensics & E-mail Tracking

  • David Van Norman & Rebel Morris - Can You Identify Me?

  • Dean Beers - Death & Homicide Investigations and Autopsy Investigations

  • Doug Crumly, TCI & Gerald "Jerry" Adams - Surveillance and All its Legal Aspects

  • Thomas Brooks - Understanding & Marketing to Attorneys

  • Mike Sankey - Analysis of Statewide Online Criminal Record Sites

  • Kevin Ripa - Cyber Warfare

  • Terri McCulloch - DNA Identification Testing

  • Chris Buffum - Location Based Services - Voice Solutions for Child Safety

  • Allen Stidger - U.S. v Jones, The 4th Amendment and GPS Tracking Devices

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