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10 Ways for Investigations Firms to Get Involved in Their Communities

  • May 19, 2012
  • by PInow Staff

Investigations Firm Community InvolvementGetting involved in the community can give your investigations firm a boost on many levels. If your private investigation firm is looking to gain more clients, become more visible in the community or push for legislation, community involvement can help. There are many ways to get involved and participating in different activities will ensure that your employees are feeling good about what they are doing, inside and outside of the workplace.

Here are 10 ways to get involved in the community: 

  1. Volunteer at a local search and rescue mission
    Your investigative abilities can be of value beyond your agency. Volunteer at a local search and rescue mission to get some experience using your skills in a different way and network with a new group of people. If a search comes up cold you will be in a good position to offer your services for a fee.
  2. Raise money or goods to donate to charity
    Raising money or goods for a charity is an easy way to get involved in the community and an opportunity to gain positive attention. You can raise funds or goods within your business or donate money on behalf of your agency. Choose an organization that you care about and that relates to your work like a local crime watch or a group that raises money to help find missing persons.
  3. Join any local or state associations
    By joining a local or state association you expand your network within the private investigation industry and make your voice heard on local legislation issues that affect your business. Try teaming up with fellow association members to raise money or donate to a good cause. This will add to your community’s positive image of private investigators as a collective entity.
  4. Teach a course on an aspect of investigation
    Sometimes people are worried that their landlord has installed surveillance in their home or that they are being watched in the workplace. Explore your opportunities to teach courses on identifying surveillance and doing bug sweeps at local institutions that will be available to the entire community. People do not often know the range of services offered by private investigators, teaching people about what you do will create awareness and give them more insight on how your services may be of use to them in future situations.  
  5. Work as a consultant for local news
    Contact local news stations and offer to make guest appearances to discuss news stories that are related to investigations. You will become more well known in the community and viewers who are familiar with you will come to your agency when they need a private investigator.
  6. Offer internships to PI students from a local school
    Form a relationship with a local PI training course or school and volunteer to be a guest speaker or offer an internship to the students there. This will get your agency’s name out there for soon-to-be licensed PIs looking for work.
  7. Donate to silent auctions
    Donating to a local silent auction is another easy way to help out your community. Try donating one of your agency’s services to gain a new client.
  8. Organize a local neighborhood watch
    Use your skills as a private investigator to help keep your local community safe and organize a neighborhood watch and train the volunteers. Proving your abilities to your neighbors will make for new clients down the road. 
  9. Start a local sports team
    Starting a local sports team with your employees is another great way to accomplish team building, up agency-wide morale and get your agency’s name out there in the community. You never know which of your opponents may need a private investigator.
  10. Tap into your agency’s other interests
    Ask around your agency and find out what your employees are interested in. Whether its sports, cooking or helping those in need, there is always a way to incorporate these interests into community involvement. Have each employee who is interested spearhead your business’ involvement in a community event.

There are many ways to get involved in the community and ways to cater that involvement to your business. Make sure to check for future events on community calendars and plan community activities in advance so your employees will have time to get involved. Once you have made the decision about what events your agency will be participating in, spread the word and raise local awareness. Hopefully your employees will show an interest and let people know how their employer is helping the community. 

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