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PI Blotter: Surveillance Gadgets Increasing in Popularity

Each week PInow combs the web for the latest and most interesting industry news stories to bring you the Weekly Private Investigator Blotter.

Private Investigator Sues Gossip Girl Star

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Actress Kelly Rutherford of Gossip Girls is being sued by a Los Angeles private investigator. Edward Banach was hired by the TV star during her divorce from Daniel Giersceh but alleges that Rutherford failed to pay him for the investigative work he did on her behalf.  According to Banach, he is owed $86,250 for his work.

To read the full article, click here.

Spy Gadgets and Couples

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Spy gadgets today are cheap and easily available from bricks-and-mortar stores as well as from online retailers, and experts say that this availability has many suspicious individuals buying the gadgets for domestic surveillance to catch possibly cheating spouses and partners.  According to both shop owners and attorneys, spouses who believe that their partners are unfaithful sometimes become very emotional and in some cases go overboard in surveillance, even though many states have laws which make information gathered in this way not necessarily admissible in court.

To read the full article, click here.

Premarital Investigations

INDIA – In India, premarital investigation is a growing industry as families look into the backgrounds of possible spouses. According to UNICEF, ninety percent of marriages in India are arranged, and in many cases families are not familiar with each other, so background checks make sense. While India is modernizing and community ties are more tenuous, the relative scarcity of divorce and the practice of arranged marriage make spousal background checks a good investment for many families.

To read the full article, click here.

New Law in Arizona Affects Private Investigators’ Licenses

TUCSON, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer has signed 155 bills during legislative sessions so far. The new laws, including one that affects Arizona private investigators, goes into effect in early August. Among the bills signed is HB 2430, which bans registered sex offenders from getting a security guard or private investigator’s license in Arizona.

Private Investigators to Investigate Crime Upsurge

VALENCIA COUNTY, NM- Valencia County residents are considering taking matters into their own hands and hiring a local New Mexico private investigator, alleging that the Sheriff's Department has not done enough to combat crime in the area. Residents are frustrated with the response of authorities after half a dozen homes have been targeted by burglars. Residents are upset that DNA and fingerprints at the crime scenes are not being considered by authorities and hope that a private investigator will be able to get evidence that leads to the burglars.

To read the full article, click here.

Gully Council Investigations

AUSTRALIA – In the past four years, over $23,000 tax dollars have been used on private investigators looking into the conduct of the Tea Tree Gully Council's elected representatives and staff. The Council has spent $8645 for private investigations into employees. However, the council has stated that the nature of the investigations is private and has not released any more information. Some residents and representatives are frustrated with the expenses, saying there are better uses of taxpayer’s money.

To read the full article, click here

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