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The Utah Gumshoe: Catch a Cheating Spouse 5 Cell Phone Tips

The Utah Gumshoe: Catch a Cheating Spouse 5 Cell Phone Tips

Listen: Catch a Cheating Spouse 5 Cell Phone Tips

With the growing popularity and ubiquitous nature of social media I am finding that domestic clients, those that suspect a cheating partner, are increasingly doing much more of the leg work before coming to see me. They’re checking their boyfriend’s Facebook or Tumblr account or monitoring their wife’s cell phone call history or internet browser search history. You can add the following 5 tips to your social media repertoire. As a private investigator I offer the accurate and expensive methods that are suitable to present in a court of law. This podcast entry, catch a cheating spouse 5 cell phone tips, offers simple and common sense methods, and is at least a start.

#1 — First and Last Phone Call

In many cases if your partner is cheating they will often call their paramour immediately after leaving the house and again right before returning home. You can find this information by checking the cell phone’s call history or by looking at a detailed bill and phone log. Look for phone numbers that the cheater appears to be calling regularly or at odd times.

#2 — Identifying Strange Phone Numbers

When it comes to strange phone numbers I always try Googling the number first. It’s free and it might surprise you what you’ll find. You can also try Fone Finder. That’s F-O-N-E Fone Finder is a free service that will provide you the name of the phone company associated with the phone number and where the number is located. It has some limitations but it’s a start. And did I mention it’s free?

#3 — Identify Strange Phone Numbers, Part II

To identify a strange phone number you can always try calling the phone number at some ungodly hour, like 2:00 AM in the morning. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a voice mail and get a name to go along with the other woman (or man). But be careful. Don’t call from a phone number you’re associated with because they’ll see it in their caller ID the next morning.

#4 — Burner Cell Phone

The cheater may be using a burner cell phone. A burner cell phone is a cheap, pre-paid cell phone that typically has no contract and allows you to buy and activate the phone without providing your name or address or any other type of identifying information that can connect you to the actual cell phone. You can also change the cell phone number whenever you want. Burners can be purchased for very little money at grocery stores, drug stores and convenience stores. The popular brands include TracFone and Republic Wireless. Burner cell phones are the choice of terrorists and criminals, so you can see you have your work cut out for you. And finally...

#5 — Phone Behavior Out of the Ordinary

My last tip is that you need to come to the realization that your partners cell phone habits may have changed. For example, in the past maybe they allowed you to use their cell phone, now they don’t. Maybe their cell phone was not password protected and now it is. Did they received calls in front of you but now they leave the room for the conversation? Did they have a habit of leaving their cell phone lying around, now it’s on their person 24 hours a day? This behavior may indicate that there is a problem. But only you can answer these questions. To catch a cheating spouse these 5 cell phone tips are only the beginning.

Until next time,

This is Scott Fulmer, the Utah Gumshoe, reminding you the game…if afoot!

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