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The days when the phone book ruled local advertising have been behind us for some time now. Today, it is estimated that over 70% of people are searching for local services on the internet, a percentage that is expected to rise every year. What does this mean for advertising your business? If your business doesn’t have a presence on the first page of those search engine results, you are missing out on nearly two-thirds of your potential customer-base. But building a presence in search results is not easy. It can require considerable time, effort, and an intimate knowledge of how search engines assign rankings to websites, something that is always evolving.

For private investigators, membership on is a cost-effective means to getting immediate, targeted exposure to law firms, corporations, insurance providers, companies, and individuals who are searching for process servers in your state and local area.

Our History

PInow was launched by sister company ServeNow, a leader in process server marketing since 2004. We are not investigators ourselves, but marketing and technology experts devoted to the industry. In our many years working with private investigators, we have launched and supported products and services built to help members of the profession market their services more effectively. Today, we have a full suite available for those who are looking for effective, industry-specific marketing.


I got my first case within 12 hours of being listed, then picked up a huge one just three weeks later and I continue to get business from all over the country. I'm very impressed with

Mike Walker, Walker Confidential, Member since 2010

Benefits of a PInow Membership

PInow directs qualified leads to our members, the kind that pay immediate dividends. Members of PInow receive calls and emails from attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, collection agencies, insurance agencies, and other organizations.

With a membership, you will leverage:

PInow also provides many free resources to the industry, including educational content in the PI News Roundup and professional groups on Yahoo! and LinkedIn.

Cost-effective investment

Membership on our trusted and respected network of process servers is a cost-effective investment for any business. Our pricing structure works for businesses of all sizes, with the cost of one year's membership covered by just one case. The return on investment is greater than many other marketing tools available to private investigators.

Introducing your business to major search engines is well-established and highly optimized to ensure that search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing rank highly for searches for “private investigator” and other related terms. Joining our network means immediate visibility and access to potential customers looking for investigators in your area.

Members of are marketed directly to their clients

We market our membership directly to their clients, both on and offline. This involves direct marketing campaigns, advertising, sponsorships, email marketing, and targeted networking.

Member fees go toward this advertising and marketing of the network, something most investigations firms don’t have the budget to do on their own. Here are just a few ways we market our membership:

Each year, we attend, sponsor, and are involved with more than 20 industry trade shows, including paralegal, legal support, process serving, attorney, insurance, and collections association events. At each event, is introduced to hundreds and sometimes thousands of your potential clients in a variety of locations.


My very first inquiry through covered my subscription fee for 30 years!

Richard Murphy, FYI Investigations, LCC, Member since 2005

Two Types of Membership: Local and Statewide

There are two membership options for your business: county and statewide. Listing your business at both levels will mean maximum possible exposure and more impressions with potential customers.

1. Local Membership

In response to people searching for products and services by location, now over 50% of 1st page results on Google are tied to location. It’s important to make sure your company is being found when potential clients are searching private investigators in areas you cover. County listings indicate to your client that you are near the area of service and that you will be able to conduct the investigation in a timely and efficient manner.

Joining PInow on the local level can help your business gain visibility in front of the individuals and companies searching in that area. You can also list your business in multiple counties.

There are a limited number of listings for each county. Give us a call to find out which listings are available in your area.

2. Statewide Membership

With a statewide listing, you have exposure where there are no or few local members. Some companies will look for firms that offer statewide service across diverse locations. Statewide membership is great if you are looking for clients who want one point of contact in a state and do not want to be managing multiple local investigators across that state.


My advertising with has been a great way for me to grow my business. I am receiving a lot of out of state calls from clients and I have had to add investigators to keep up with the demand! I look forward to a lifelong relationship with

Jeffrey Smith , Armfield Investigations, Member since 2014

How do I get my business listed?

In order to see your business listed on, you will need to complete a quick screening process, including submitting two letters of recommendation from previous or current clients and filling out an application.

To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call and we will direct you to a Marketing Consultant who will walk you through the process.

Other Products and Services from PInow:

PInow offers a variety of products and services to help investigators better market and manage their businesses.

Templated Websites

Improve your online image with a templated websitethat was created for your industry and targets your clientele. With 30+ designs to choose from and pre-written copy, your business can be online in just a few hours.

Local Search

Do a Google search and you are likely to see results that have lettered map pins next to them. These highlighted results show local Google business profiles. You need to be found there for the keywords that describe your business. Our Local product gets you listed, optimized, and ranking!