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Disclaimer: Each individual's situation is different. To determine if there is infidelity in your relationship, please contact a professional investigator.

  1. Your partner comes home two hours later than usual from work without a phone call. His/her excuse:

    • Working late trying to earn his/her next promotion.
    • Defensive, why do you need to know when I'll be home?
    • With flowers and dinner in tow. He/she was looking to lighten your responsibilities for the evening.
  2. You and your partner have both been busy lately. You suggest that it would be nice to take a weekend getaway to reconnect. His or her response:

    • Only if it's just the two of us, and we leave our PDAs at home.
    • That's a great idea, lets invite some mutual friends to go with us on a getaway.
    • I'm too busy.
  3. With Valentine's Day approaching you've been looking for that perfect gift. Because times are tough you decide on a handwritten card and downloaded some MP3s of songs that you loved while the two of you were dating. Your partner's gift to you:

    • Tickets to a game/show/event you've been dying to go to.
    • A bottle of perfume or cologne.
    • What? It's Valentine's Day?
  4. How has your partner's appearance changed in the last six months?

    • Still wearing the same old Zubas from the 80s. Some people will never change.
    • I barely recognize him/her. From a fresh haircut to new wardrobe I'm married to a new person.
    • Some minor wardrobe updates, but he/she's always been trendy.
  5. You slice your finger while cooking dinner. Your partner's reaction:

    • Concern: Need a band aid? Trip to the emergency room?
    • Fault: I told you I could do it. You just screw everything up.
    • Hardly bats an eye: Just rinse it off you'll be fine.
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