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76 Private Investigation Professionals You Should Follow on Twitter

  • October 09, 2011
  • by PInow Staff

Private investigators rely on real-time information and the latest forms of communication, so it makes sense that they would embrace Twitter. Twitter enables private investigators to share breaking news, network and even have a little fun - all with short messages of 140 characters or fewer.

PInow decided to compile a list of the top tweeting private investigators because there are many people who deserve to be recognized for using Twitter as another tool to keep the industry informed. While there is no specific formulaic ranking that was used here, we did reference influence as measured by WeFollow, number of followers, most recent activity and tweet relevance to the industry. This list will continue to grow and evolve each year, so please keep that in mind if you disagree with the rankings.

If you are a private investigator and you actively tweet, please contact us to get added to our "Up and Coming" list at the bottom of this post.  

#1 PInow | follow: @investigator_pi

PiNow is a network of trusted, pre-screened private investigators. We connect thousands of legal professionals with qualified investigators all over the U.S. and internationally on a daily basis. Use our quick quotes feature to quickly send your request a quote from investigator firms that cover a specific region.

#2 J. Ryan Winter | follow: @CanadianPI

Private Investigator TwitterCanadian private investigator, entrepreneur, blackberry addict, single father of 3 and believer in karma with a love of soccer, flying, technology, Lego & Dogs

#3 Tamara Thompson | follow: @PIBuzz

Tamara Thompson TwitterTamara Thompson - San Francisco Bay Area - blogger/speaker/investigator - Internet search, public records.

#4 Central Legal PI| follow: @AlliedDetective

Central Legal PIPrivate Investigator, Commercial Detective, People Tracer, Enquiry Agent. Surveillance, Process & Legal Services Northamptonshire, Warwickshire border UK.

#5 Jorge Salgado-Reyes | follow: @AlliedCentral

Jorge Salgado-Reyes I am part of the Allied Detectives Network with an office in Croydon and Santiago. Also writing a Sci-Fi novel set in a London of the future.

#6 Eagle Investigative | follow: @EaglePiServices

Eagle InvestigativePrivate Detective and Investigative Service helping individuals, corporations and attorneys solve any problem creatively, effectively and affordably.

#7 Seagal Investigations| follow: @UK_PI

Seagal Investigations TwitterSeagal Investigations Ltd. Professional International Private Investigation Agency.

#8 Pursuit Magazine | follow: @PursuitMag

Pursuit Magazine TwitterOnline magazine for Private Investigators, Bail Enforcement Agents (Bounty Hunters), Process Servers, Repossession and other Investigation / Law Professionals.

#9 Chris Maklary | follow: @RCInvestigation

RC Investigation TwitterProcess Service, Skip Tracing, Video Services in Northeast Alabama

#10 Official Investigations | follow: @offinvest

Off Invest TwitterOhio, Kentucky & Indiana licensed private investigation & security company. Notary Public: Ohio & Kentucky.

#11 Pi Jobs | follow: @GetPriInvestJobs

PI Jobs TwitterPrivate Investigator jobs, careers and community site. 

#12 Freelance Security | follow: @freesec

Freelance Security TwitterProject marketplace for private investigators, bodyguards, security consultants, detectives and more.

#13 British Agents | follow: @BritishAgents

British Agents TwitterBritain’s Private Investigators solving cases from around the world - Tell no one where I am.

#14 Michael West | follow: @ArkInv

Michael West TwitterProfessional investigator in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana.

#15 Investigations Direct | follow: @InvestigationsD

Investigations Direct TwitterPrivate Investigator agency in London .

#16 Executive Investigations | follow: @OZ_Private_Eye

Executive Investigations TwitterCanberra ACT based Private Investigation agency servicing Australia Wide.

#17 John J. Kearney | follow: @celebprotect

John J. Kearney TwitterCelebrity Protection Services A Division of U.S.R. Corporate Offering High Risk International Protection Operatives, Sub Rosa Investigations and Intel.

#18 Sherlock Investigations | follow: @Number1PI

Sherlock Investigations TwitterSkipp Porteous: Electronic eavesdropping detection specialist. Owns Sherlock Investigations, New York. If one door closes, pick the lock.

#19 NYC Private Investigators, Inc. | follow: @NYCprivateEYE

NYC Private Investigators, Inc. TwitterPrivate Investigators, ICORP Investigations. Toll Free 866-984-2677. Infidelity,Family Law, Insurance Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, VIP Protection.

#20 Constantia Private Security | follow: @949GoGuardCom

Constantia Private Security TwitterConstantia Private Security.

#21 Scott Harrell | follow: @lscottharrell

Scott Harrell Twitter Private Investigator, Bounty Hunter, Author and Trainer. Entrepreneurial Animal.

#22 ELPS Private Detective Agency | follow: @ELPSPDA

ELPS Private Detective TwitterA licensed Private Investigator in PA with a BS in criminal justice. Owner of ELPS Private Detective Agency.

#23 CMP Protective & Investigative Group | follow: @tomruskin

Tom Ruskin TwitterOur office has been paperless now for over five years. “Going green” was around but no one was taking it seriously. 

#24 Philip Becnel | follow: @PhilipBecnel

Philip Becnel TwitterI'm a private investigator and the author of an investigative textbook. I get excited about technologies and theories that change how people do investigations.

#25 Clark Dickenscheidt | follow: @katytexaspi

Clark Dickenscheidt TwitterLicensed Private Investigator with 20+ years in the industry investigating insurance fraud, civil litigation, criminal defense and corporate due diligence.

26. Navigator Research @navigatorinc

27. Bob Rahn @nysleuth

28. Davis Investigations @davisinvest

29. Justin Hibbard, CFE @hibbard

30. Spencer Elrod @SpencerPI

31. UK Private Investigators @UKDetective

32. HSI Private Investigations @hsipi

33. Roy Cox @GWSecurity

34.  Nigel Parsons @AnswersPI

35.  Rock Legal Services @rocklegal

36.  Jeremiah Jones @boscolegal

37.  [Truth] Investigations @RVAinvestigator

38.  Eric Konohia @BPISecurity

39.  Association of Certified Fraud Examiners @theACFE

40.  Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman @Writingpis

41.  Catherine Flowers @catseyepi

42. Right Path Investigations @rightpi

43.  D. Wayne Patterson @NighthawkPI

44.  Fred Archer @archerPI

45.  Martinelli Investigations @GAprivateEYE

46. ICORP Investigations, Inc. @PrivateEyeLI

47.  Melissa Jones @AristocratPI

48.  FC Research @frenchPI

49.  Lawrence W. Daly @LawrenceWDaly

50.  Barbara Baughman @oregonpi

51. Phil Johnson  @philjjassociate

52.  J.G. Adams, Jr. @SecureServices

53. Steve Handlin @BoltPI

54. Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators @PacNWAssocInvst

55.  Big Horn Investigations @wyinvestigator

56.  Hewett & Associates @hewettpi

57. JMP Investigations @JMPInvestigator

58.  CA Investigators @CaDetectives

59.  California Association of Private Investigators @calipiorg

60.  Brian Diggs @oicgroupusa

61.  Centennial Investigations @CentennialInv

62. Kevin D. Murray @Spybusters

63. BPS @bps_security

64. Front Range Surveillance @frlps

65. Crane Investigations @melbournepi

66. T.J. Altman @ThaiSpy

67. David Matheson @bulletcatcher1

68. Millennium Group @milgrp2001

69. Unified Investigations & Sciences @dadamsuisusa


71. M Wishart Investigations @mwishartpi

72. Hawaii P.I. @cybersherlock

73. Silvania Investigative Services @jsilvania

74. Fred Schroeder, 6th @Schroeder6th

75.  United States Association of Professional Investigators  @USAPI

76. Shannon Tulloss @ShannonTulloss

Up and coming... 

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