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Does Hiring a Private Investigator To Investigate Cheating Spouses During And After the Holidays Makes Sense?

  • December 04, 2007
  • by PInow Staff

For happy couples, the holiday season is a great time to reminisce, spend time together, and enjoy seasonal celebrations. For couples who are affected by mistrust and infidelity, however, the holiday season can be especially lonely and painful. Most private investigators agree that seeking professional help regarding a cheating spouse in important during the holidays.

The holidays can help PIs catch a cheating spouse
Most PIs agree that during the holiday season, it can be easier to catch a cheating spouse. This is because:

  • Most unfaithful spouses make mistakes during the season. The holiday season is hectic for everyone, but even more so for the individual who is surreptitiously trying to see two people at once. This individual will want to spend time with both partners and the added pressure of the holiday season can mean mistakes and clues. For example, a harried spouse may forget to erase voice mail or may be less cautious about signing out of email accounts. A private investigator has the skills and knowledge to make the most of these mistakes to gather solid evidence of infidelity.

  • Gifts can be important clues. Cheating spouses likely will want to buy special gifts for their loved ones including for those individuals they are cheating with. Their spouses may notice an increased interest in shopping and additional use of credit cards few cheating spouses can afford to buy gifts for their families and lavish presents for their new partners without the use of debt. Investigations into phone and credit card bills can reveal details about where a gift was delivered.

  • A cheating spouse will want to visit with his or her cheating partner during the holidays. Spouses sometimes notice that unfaithful partners are busier than usual around this time of year and seem to spend a great deal of time out. This makes it relatively easy for private investigators to launch a surveillance operation to get quick answers.

Should you start a cheating spouse investigation during the holidays?
Of course, the holidays are hectic enough and many families dont want stress or bad news during the holidays. However, feeling cheated or betrayed during the holidays is just as painful as learning an unpleasant truth. Because it may be easier to find the answers during the holiday season, it is a good time to consider hiring a private investigator. Getting answers can help you start fresh this new year. If you find out the worst, you can use the new year to start taking actions toward a better life. If you find out that your worries were unfounded, you can begin the new year in a better and more loving relationship.

If you cannot cope with the idea of launching an investigation during the holidays, you still may wish to speak with an investigative professional. The professional may want to start an investigation now and you can arrange to get the results and answers you want after the holidays, when you are prepared to cope with the situation. In either case, an investigative professional can help you get the answers you deserve. To find a local, pre-screened private investigator to help with your infidelity needs, visit

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