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Asset Investigators Have Ways of Finding Money that is Owed to You

  • June 08, 2006
  • by PInow Staff

Don't be a victim; get the money owed to you

Maybe you are a creditor who is owed money by a debtor - and you are told that the debtor has no money to pay his or her debt. Or, maybe you are getting a divorce and your spouse is claiming that they have no assets and so should not have to pay you support or alimony. Or, maybe you are an employer who notices some unusual patterns in the account books.

In each case, are you stuck with accepting the situation at face value - even if it means losing money? Of course not.

Today, you can turn to asset investigators to help you uncover assets and money that others claim are not there. If you are owed money or suspect that you are being defrauded, asset investigators can do a number of things to help you recover your money:

  • They can help you run economic crime investigations, investigations of corruption, investigations of money laundering, and other types of financial investigations using surveillance equipment as well as forensic computer investigation techniques that can recover lost or erased computer data.
  • They can trace ownership of assets, uncover camouflaged assets and trace property.
  • They can identify, find, and evaluate the assets owned or managed by a business or by an individual to determine their worth.
  • They can use information brokers and corporate insiders to uncover attempts to hide assets.
  • They can use online and electronic resources as well as surveillance equipment to uncover money fraud. By using tax liens, real estate records, change of address data, state motor vehicle data, and other types of online tools, investigators can often trace where assets have gone.

Do you need asset investigations?

If you have a nagging feeling that someone is lying to you about their assets, consider these common signs that investigators have found may indicate asset fraud:

  • Someone has a history of bad credit, lying, criminal activity, tax evasion, fraud, and padded resumes. Few people simply start hiding money. Many businesses, employees, and creditors who are dishonest with you have also tried to defraud others of money owed.
  • A sizable difference between lifestyle and asset claims. If your former spouse is claiming that they have no money to pay child support or alimony but have the money to drive at fancy car or make large home purchases, they may be hiding assets.
  • A changing story. Those who try to claim that they have no assets when they actually do have money will often slip up and make mistakes about how much money they actually have. The creditor who at one moment claims they have only $100 but upon further pressure admits that they have $300 may well be lying about assets as well. Those who really do have few assets have an excellent idea of how much they actually own.

If you notice any of these signs of asset fraud or asset lying, contact a private investigator today. The chances are good that those who owe you money have the assets to pay you upfront but are refusing to do so. With a qualified private investigator on your side, you can reclaim that money that is rightfully yours.

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