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Company Overview:

PI Com is a Private Investigations & Legal Process Server Company. Locations in Marin & Sonoma County, California. We specialize in surveillance, criminal defense, CVSA lie detection, missing persons investigations, civil, famil law, backgrounds & infidelity investigations. All investigators are licensed and have a law enforcement background.

Legal Process Servers:

Our process servers are registered and serve all types of legal document to the letter of the law nationwide. If a legal document needs to be delivered to a person or entity in a different country our associate legal process service agencies are ready to assist.

Difficult serves or can't find the person to be served? No worries, we can find and serve anyone, anywhere!

Bank & Asset Locate Services:

We locate bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, real estate, brokerage accounts, stock ownership, and more. See Asset Searches Below.

Investigation Services:

Our client base includes law firms, businesses, government agencies, insurance companies and the general public. Our investigative team services will provide you with the facts necessary to aid you in your decision-making process.

Lie Detection Exam CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer)

The CVSA does not require attaching wires to the subject being tested. The CVSA uses only a microphone that is plugged into the computer to analyze the subject’s responses. As the subject speaks, the computer displays and numbers each voice pattern and saves each chart to a file. Unlike the polygraph test, drugs do not affect the results of Lie Detection CVSA test, and there are no known countermeasures that will cause the typical “inconclusive” results associated with the polygraph.

CVSA is Effective!

The CVSA is effective in all investigative situations, such as homicides, sex crimes, robberies, white-collar crimes, and internal affairs investigations, pre-employment examinations for background investigators, as well as infidelity matters. Embraced by the Department of Corrections, the system has also proven itself to be a very reliable investigative tool for verifying the statements of witnesses, the denials of suspects, and the validity of allegations made against police officers.

CVSA "How it Works"!

Voice “Micro tremors” are tiny frequency modulations in the human voice. When a test subject is lying, the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system causes an inaudible increase in the micro tremors’ frequency. The CVSA detects, measures, and displays changes in voice frequency. A state-of-the-art computer then processes these changes and graphically displays a picture of the voice patterns. The CVSA is restricted to “yes” and “no” answers.

Our CVSA Senior Examiner is certified and current since 2006 having conducted over 300 law enforcement pre-employment CVSA exams in accordance with NITV and NACVSA guidelines.

Lie Detection C.V.S.A. Examination, Employment, Theft, Internal Affairs, Sex Crimes, Infidelity, Background Investigations, Effective in All Investigative Situations

Criminal Defense:

Our mission related to criminal defense is to dig deep into each case. Law enforcement officers make mistakes; we will find those mistakes. A police agency tries to hire the best officers for their department, however, over time, some officers make improper decisions, are overly aggressive, lie on their reports, stop and search a vehicle or detain and search a person without probable cause or reasonable suspicion. Video cameras frequently capture law enforcement officers of wrongdoing. However, when the camera is not there to capture the officer(s) wrongful act, we’re here to dig deep!

Civil Investigation:

In all investigations, we did deep! A civil investigation helps uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. A civil trial is the opposite of a criminal trial. In most cases, this type of court case involves two individual citizens who are arguing about an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. For example, if one person sues another for damages caused in a domestic accident, the case will likely be tried in a civil trial. Civil investigations are utilized to gather the evidence that is essential to such a trial.

Other Types of Civil Investigations:

Child custody/abuse, missing persons, marital, surveillance, background checks, workers compensation, personal injury, caregiver background checks.

Lie Detections:

The CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer) is effective in all investigative situations, such as homicides, sex crimes, robberies, white-collar crimes, and internal affairs investigations, pre-employment examinations for background investigators, as well as infidelity matters. Embraced by the Department of Corrections, the system has also proven itself to be a very reliable investigative tool for verifying the statements of witnesses, the denials of suspects, and the validity of allegations made against police officers.

Quality by Expertise:

Our experienced staff is committed to providing you with superior, accurate results while maintaining our goal of creating a superior client experience. All of our associate investigators have degrees and or training in Criminal Justice or Criminology and are licensed private investigators. We work with our clients to design and implement programs and packages that will meet each client’s unique need.

Superior Client Services:

We believe that we are dealing with not just information, but people’s lives and futures. This is a commitment we take very seriously. We will not release the results of any investigation until it is thoroughly reviewed by the qualified manager of our investigation team. All investigations are confidentiality protected.

Asset Search

An asset investigation (asset search or asset check) is the locating of public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity.

What is an asset search?

These searches uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to a property. Asset investigations occur daily to help individuals and companies satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect debt, and verify financial statements during a divorce or child support case.

Common Reasons for Asset Checks

Personal Injury Cases
Motor Vehicle Cases
Business Due Diligence Compliance
Collection of Debt Matters
Collecting Unpaid Child Support
Divorce Cases

Do I need an asset investigation?

Are you employed?
If you own a business, an asset check can reveal the state of a person or company’s assets. If you work for a company or do business with someone, it is crucial to know the state of their assets. It is one of the only ways you can know with certainty whether someone is financially trustworthy.

Are you owed money?
If you are, an asset investigation can tell you whether you should go to court and get your money back. If someone claims they cannot pay, an asset investigation can confirm or deny this as the case. If you want to go to small claims court or a collection agency, an asset investigation can report how many collectible assets a person or business has and where you stand in relation to other creditors suing the same debtor.

Are you the victim of fraud?
If someone is not paying you because they claim they do not have the money, an asset check can quickly confirm their claims. An asset investigation can give you the proof you need to show that someone has assets that they are simply not declaring.

How does an asset investigation work?

Depending on why you need an asset check, the investigation can include a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work, or a financial investigation.

Asset investigations uncover exactly what sorts of collectible assets someone has and how secure these assets are.

Only an asset investigation conducted by a qualified private investigator can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name, committing fraud, hiding assets, or has multiple judgments.

Types of Asset Investigations and What They Uncover

Corporate Asset Search

Real estate and deeds
Available mortgage information
Corporate Filings
Federal and state tax liens
Corporate associates
Dunn and Bradstreet records
IRS 500 employee benefit information
Uniform commercial code liens (UCC Filings)
Current contact information
Vehicle Registration

Individual Asset Search

Real estate and deeds
Available mortgage information
Motor vehicle registration and liens
Watercraft registration and liens
Aircraft registration and liens
Criminal Records
Uniform commercial code liens (UCC Filings)
Federal and state tax liens
A.K.A.s (also known as) or D.B.A.s (doing business as) of the individual

Other types of asset searches

Liabilities (judgment, liens, and bankruptcy search)
Civil records search
Criminal records search
Missing person search

Who should conduct an asset search?

Attorneys/Law firms
Businesses or corporations
Investors buying or merging with other businesses
Hiring committees or human resource departments
Investigative agencies
Governmental agencies
Professionals satisfying due diligence
Spouses going through divorce
Individuals who are owed a debt

Who should NOT conduct an asset search?

Online scams are common, so make sure your asset search is conducted by a trusted source who will seek information legally and obtain valuable, relevant information.

A good investigator will also help you interpret and use the found information so you can use it effectively.

So Give Us A Call, We're Here to Help!


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  • Social Media
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  • Wrongful Death

Service Guarantee

All investigations
are confidential.

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